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Phillip, Lizzie, Beth, James, Alan Michael, Bill, India, Dorrie, and Alan enter tossing their belongings off to the side. They all slump onto the various chairs, still stricken with concern for Alex.

Beth: Do you all know when visiting hours begin tomorrow?

A-M: Some time around 8 AM.

Beth: Thanks. I'll go visit Alex after the board meeting.

Alan: (becoming alert) Board meeting?

Phillip: Yeah. The one we were supposed to have today? I postponed it till tomorrow.

Alan: For what? Alex is out of commission, so I should resume full control of Spaulding until she gets better.

Phillip: Not so fast, Dad. There is still myself and Alan Michael--

A-M: I don't want anything to do with Spaulding. Dad and I are finally on the same page and I wanna keep it that way. You're on your own, brother. Dad, have fun. You have my vote.

Alan: (touched) Thanks son.

Phillip watches on as this touching moment takes place in disbelief.

Phillip: We can't decide who is running the company right here! The board has to decide. . .

A-M: Well I want no part of Spaulding. I'm just fine at WSPR and the Springfield Journal.

Alan: Well that's two votes.

Beth: Well my vote is for Phillip.

Alan: (flippant) As if that came as a surprise. . .

India: And my vote is Alan!

Lizzie: What are you talking about, you don't have a vote.

Phillip: Actually she does.

Lizzie: What?!

Alan: You can blame your father for that. He and Alan Michael had a clause in their marriages giving their exes a substantial amount of stock in the company.

Lizzie: Then I vote for my father!

Everyone looks at James, who is in his own world. He then notices the piercing looks, resembling a pack of hyenas circling their prey.

Lizzie: You're vote?

James: Then I vote for you.

Alan: What?!

Lizzie: (overlapping) Me?!

James: Yeah, you. Dad and Alan Michael ran the company when they were your age, so why can't you?

Bill: I second that.

Lizzie: (baffled) You guys can't be serious.

Alan: Clearly they can't be.

Phillip sits back and examines this ordeal in deep thought, then

Phillip: I third that decision.

Everyone: Huh?

Phillip: I support Lizzie being interim Co-CEO of Spaulding for the time being, and every vote cast for me will go to her.

Alan: You can't do that!!

Phillip: (smiling proudly) I just did. I think that this is the right time for Lizzie.

Alan: Well what about the other board members?!

Phillip: I seriously doubt that any of them will vote in your favor, Dad. Plus, you'll still be a Co-CEO unless you want to make the vote be for full CEO.

Alan, looking cross, sits back in the sofa with his arms crossed.

Lizzie: (emotional) Thanks, Dad. (to Alan) And I hope I can learn a lot from you for the time being.

Alan gets up and storms off.

Lizzie: . . .Or not.

India: (awkwardly) So. . . does that mean I can still run the Spaulding foundation and do PR for the company?

Lizzie: (getting up) For the time being. (walking off) Until I catch you screwing up and you're fired.

Bill: Goodnight, everyone.

Beth: Night.

Bill follows Lizzie as they exit.

India: Well I better get some rest too.

Beth: You better because your days are numbered.

India turns her head up and walks up with Dorrie tagging behind her. The two pass by Caroline (Hope), who enter the room with a plate of cookies.

Caroline: Anyone hungry?

A-M: Not anymore.

Caroline is wounded by dig but does her best not to show it.

Phillip: I wouldn't mind a few.

Caroline walks over and holds the plate out to Phillip, who grabs a few. He takes a bite and is pleased with what he has just eaten.

Phillip: Taste good. I haven't had cookies like this since your Aunt Meta, Alan Michael. Tastes like her cookies.

Caroline contains herself as she almost looses it.

A-M: (getting up) I can't.

Phillip: Where are you going?

A-M: To call Lucy and let her know what has happened to Susan and Nick. I'll see you all in the morning. (at Caroline, coldly) Well hopefully some of you.

Alan Michael exits. Then Phillip gets up and grabs his coat.

Beth: Where are you going?

Phillip: To grab a late order from Company. James, call and make the order and get me the usual. Order whatever you guys like.

Beth: Then I am coming with you.

Phillip: Beth, not this time. I need some time alone.

Phillip exits. On Beth, hurt a bit,



A few minutes late, Phillip enters and heads to the counter where Daisy is standing.

Phillip: Hey you!

Daisy: Hey. Your order should be done shortly.

Phillip: Take your time.

Phillip turns away for a second to scope the room out, but notices Kevin and Jason passing by about to exit.

Phillip: (stopping them) Hey, Kevin. And welcome home, Jason.

Jason: What?

Phillip: I said welcome home.

Kevin: (speeding up convo, trying to push Jason out the door) Thank, Phillip. So nice to see you.

Jason: (jerking free) You're being condescending.

Phillip: (perplexed) What are you talking about?

Jason: You think I've forgotten that you killed my dad?

Phillip is stunned by this. Kevin goes to drag Jason out again but Jason pushes him off of him.

Jason: You killed my father and you got off scots-free but you won't get off that easily. You've forgotten who I am!

Phillip: Jason, calm down. Let's sit down and. . .

Jason: I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU! (with venom) Not ever. . .

Buzz and Rocky come from the back to see what is going on--Phillip and Jason facing off.

Phillip: You're making a spectacle, Jason.

Kevin: Yeah, you are!

Jason: Shut up, Kevin! (to Phillip) And you, you can't tell me a damn thing. You murderer. My father is dead because of you and you're sidekick! Dead!

Mel and Leah, who happen to be sitting nearby, watch on.

Mel: I better call Blake. . .

Leah: For what?! What he is saying is all true. They did call their father and he should be angry. Don't you all see it.

Mel: Leah!

Becoming too much, Leah gets up and storms towards the bathroom. Mel chases after her.

Jason: You see that? You see how everyone is affected by your stupid actions?!

Phillip eyes well up with tears as he realizes for once what he has truly caused.

Jason: My father was there for you always and you betrayed him!

Kevin: And you are embarrassing his name by acting like this now, Jason!

Jason: Oh no, I'm doing him a service. I'm seeking vengeance!

Phillip: Jason. . .

Jason: Oh don't (mocking) "Jason" me! I don't wanna hear it. Just know that your days of living comfortably with your wife and kids are over.

Kevin: Stop! He's our family!

Jason: And blood will bring you down quicker than water. Dad had to learn the hard way, but you will too Phillip. Not only am I my father's son but I am also my grandfather's grandson! You'll know that soon enough.

Holly (OS): Jason!

Jason turns to see Holly, Dinah, and Blake standing by the door, shocked by the entire ordeal. On Jason, fuming



Note to my readers: For the next month, I will be in London studying abroad so I possibly won't be able to do episodes for both ATWT & TGL. Both will be taking a hiatus for awhile but eventually will make a return.

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