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Open up on Vanessa walking down the hallway with her face buried in some documents. J enters from a side door, and not noticing Vanessa, bumps into her.

Vanessa: J?

J: Hey, Aunt Vanessa.

Vanessa: Honey, were you looking for me?

J: Um . . . uh no. I was actually here to see Alan.

Vanessa: Alan?

On Vanessa desiring to know why,



Buzz comes from the kitchen with a plate and brings it Harley, who sips on her coffee.

Buzz: Your order is here, my favorite customer.

Harley: (laughs) Do you say that Frank and Rocky too?

Buzz: (sitting across from her) No . . .

Harley eyes him, letting him know that she knows otherwise.

Buzz: Alright so I do.

Harley: I thought so, and where is Rocky anyways?

Buzz: Went somewhere with Trista.

Harley: Hmm. . . interesting. Those two have gotten really close as of late.

Buzz: They have. She really balances him, you know. She helps him with the Lillian situation.

Harley: Glad to hear that. I'd hate to have to watch you choose between your happiness or Rocky's feelings.

Buzz: True. Speaking of happiness, what about you?

Harley stops taking a sip of her tea and glances at Buzz.

Harley: Huh?

Buzz: You heard me. What about your love life? Any new man that I should be grilling?

Harley: No. Nor will there be. I think that I am done with love.


Harley has a vision of a man, whose face we can't see, rubbing his hand against her cheek, lovingly.


Buzz: Aww c'mon, sweetheart. For all you know, your future husband could be the next thing to walk into that door.

Buzz points at the entrance as the door swings open. In walks Alan Michael. Harley fixedly stares at Buzz, as he drops his head.



Trista and Rocky enter bearing groceries. Rocky takes them off Trista's hands, as she removes her coat and hangs it up.

Trista: Grandpa! We're here!

Emerging from the kitchen swing door is Laurel. She is p*ssed off. Hawk creeps out behind her, nervous. Trista is befuddled.

Laurel: Calling him Grandpa already?

Trista: Mom, I can explain--

Laurel: You d*mn well better! What the h*ll are you doing here in Springfield!

Trista, with hands on her hips, looks at her mother as if she is serious for asking such a dumb question, and



Reva still holds Josh by the face, forcing him to look into her eyes.

Reva: What is it, Bud? What is going on?

Just as Josh is about to divulge the truth, in walks Jeffery.

Jeffery: Hey, Reva--

Reva lets go of Josh's face. Josh rises. He and Reva both look at Jeffery. Jeffery realizes he's walked into something. And on a tense, uncomfortable moment between this trio . . .



Picking up where we left off -- a tense moment between these three.

Jeffery: Am I interrupting something?

Josh: No.

Jeffery: You sure? Do I need to go back outside and wait for you two to finish?

Reva: Jeffery!

Josh: (overlapping) And here we go . . .

Jeffery: Yes! Here we go with the two of you always together!

Josh: And you always overreacting.

Reva: (mediating) Joshua, hold on.

Josh: No, Reva! It's clear that he doesn't trust you. (to Jeffery) What? You think we're sleeping together?

Jeffery: Did I say that?

Josh: Oh I'm sure it's on your mind. A beautiful, vibrant woman like Reva. Our history. The kids we share. We must be sleeping together!!

Reva: Stop being facetious, Bud!

Josh: (pointing out) See! See! She still calls me Bud! Oh we must be sleeping together!

Jeffery: Shut up, Josh. . .

Josh: Just get over it, Jeffery. Reva will never get me out of her system, and vice versa! You're just temporary.

Reva: Joshua!

Jeffery furiously grabs Josh by the collar of his shirt and shakes him.

Jeffery: You son of a b*tch! You can take this job and shove it up you a**! Reva quits!

Reva: I am doing what?

Jeffery: You're quitting!

Reva: I don't think so . No one tells Reva Shayne what to do. Not even you.

On Jeffery stunned by Reva going against his wishes.



Vanessa sits at her desk with J and Tom (too) sitting across from her.

Vanessa: So what did Alan hire you for?

Tom: Security. He wants us to protect him and his family.

Vanessa: Well you're going to quit it, today.

J & Tom: What!!

Vanessa: You both heard me. You're quitting this job.

Tom: Why?

Vanessa: (to J) Because your father would ring my neck if I allowed you to work for Alan. (to Tom) And your parents aren't his biggest fans either. And I personally cannot allow it. Anyone that gets involved with Alan finds themselves in a world of trouble.

J: Yet you work for him.

Vanessa: That's different. I know how to handle Alan.

Tom: And who says that we can't? We're just bodyguards, that's all. It's similar to being on the police force, which we use to do by the way.

Vanessa: Do you know what for? From what?

J: Something about something involving his missing nephew, Nick -- Alexandra. He feared she'd be the next target.

Alan knocks on Vanessa's door, which is glass by the way. He signals the boy to come here. The boys prepare to get up when:

Vanessa: Don't you move. I got this.

They ease back down in their seats as Vanessa crosses over into


and she closes the door behind her and pulls Alan off the side, out of the view of J and Tom.

Vanessa: What do you think you're doing?

Alan: Getting my security. Now could you move?

Alan gently moves Vanessa out the way, but she slides right back in front of him.

Vanessa: You're going to fire them.

Alan: I'm going to do what?

Vanessa: I said fire them.

Alan: If anyone is about to get a pink slip, it's not them. It's you.

Vanessa: You couldn't get rid of me if you tried. You might fire me; however, I'll still have a seat on the board, and you know how persuasive I can be.

Alan: What is the problem, Vanessa?

Vanessa: You are the problem. I know you, Alan. The games that you play, the people that you use. I'm not going to allow you to use my nephew and his cousin to do your deeds.

Alan: And what deeds would that be, Vanessa?

Vanessa: You tell me.

Suddenly, Tom and J lift Vanessa up and put her back into her office, closing the door.

J: You ready, Mr. Spaulding.

Alan: Yes.

J, Tom, and Alan head down the wall. Vanessa rushes back into the hall, watching them.

Vanessa: I'm not going to allow you to do this, Alan! Do you hear me?! (to self) I gotta call Quinton.

On Vanessa rushing back into her office,



Rocky and Hawk stand by the door listening on as Trista and Laurel yell.

Rocky: Should we break it up?

Hawk: No, sir. This is long overdue. This needs to happen.

Rocky and Hawk continue to listen on as,

In the living room, Laurel and Trista square off.

Laurel: You're coming home!

Trista: I am home!

Laurel: This is not your home!

Trista: It is now! I have family here! Friends! A guy that I care for and happen to love!

Rocky smiles as he still listens.

Laurel: Oh please. You're too young to know what "love" is.

Trista: Says who? You?

Laurel: Yes, me!

Trista: Just because your relationship with Dad went to h*ll in a handbasket doesn't mean mine will.

Laurel: (calming down) Please listen to me . . . please. You don't wanna do this.

Trista: Do what? Get to know my father. The same father that you swore up and down you'd introduce to me when I was 18. Guess what, I'm 18!

Laurel: I know I said that, but--

Trista: But what? Why are you so against me knowing my family? Why?

Laurel: I'm not! I just don't think that now is the time.

Trista: Then when? A year? Two? Eighteen more?

Laurel: I didn't say that.

Trista: Then when?

Laurel: Just not now.

Trista: Well thank God I no longer have to take order from you. I'm grown. I can do as I please.

Laurel: As long as a breath is in me, you'll do as I say!

Trista: Not this time.

Trista goes to walk away when Laurel grabs her by the arm.

Laurel: We're going back to Atlanta!

Trista: You are! Not me!

Trista snatches away and heads towards the kitchen.

Laurel: Trista!


Rusty (OC): Hey, Dad? You home? What's going on in there?

Laurel starts to panic. Trista grins. On the two exchanges glances,



Leah, Rick, and Mel wait in lobby. An Assistant District Attorney taps Mel on the shoulder and signals her into the judges quarters. She and Rick get up and head into the judges quarters, leaving Leah alone.

Bending around the corner with a ticket in his hand is Jason. He notices Leah sitting alone, solemn.

Jason: Bingo . . .

On Jason with a maniacal grin,



Alan Michael and Harley are now sitting together. Alan Michael holds a pad in hand, looking like he is trying to get something out of Harley. We enter mid convo:

Harley: If this is so you can get a story for WSPR, you're not going to get it.

AM: Aww c'mon, Harley. Why are you so tight lipped about the investigation?

Harley: Because it is still on going. Don't you get that?

AM: See . . . that's was the problem with your marriage.

Harley: What?

AM: You being so stubborn. One thing I use to hate about you.

Harley: Like your smarmy ways?

AM: That's the Spaulding in me.

Harley: Oh I know. I was a Spaulding three times you know.

AM: Oh I know, which is why out of some weird loyalty, you should tell me something. Anything about the bank robbery the other day. Any suspects? Evidence the department has stumble upon. Anything!

Harley: No. I'm not telling you anything.

AM: Fine. (joking) Just break my heart all over again.

Harley: (laughing) Get a grip, Alan Michael.

AM: Oh! You smiled! That's a first in a long time!

Harley playfully smacks him on the arm.

Harley: It has. . . thanks.

AM: No problem. Now what about--

Harley: Don't even try it.

On Harley and Alan Michael sharing a smile,



A shot of a man's hand holding a picture of Harley. We pull back reveal that it is John Hu.

John: Can't wait to see you again, beautiful.

John kisses the picture and holds it close to his heart, and



- Jason gain in ally in Leah

- Rafe comes home

- Blake & Kevin clash over his dream

- John Hu has ties to many of Springfield's women

- Pilar returns home & wants Bill

- Michelle continues to fall victim of the "Bauer Curse"

- Tiara and Remy get closer

- Rusty learns the truth about Trista

- Cassie starts her search for her father

- Laurel and Rick connect, but their past partners (Mel & Rusty) serve as a problem

- Mel's pregnancy comes out

- Alan gets J & Tom to do his bidding

- Jeffery's jealousy continues to be problem, pushing Reva towards Josh

- Julie Camaletti is returns to Springfield thanks to Edmund

- One cousin falls for another cousin's spouse

- Dinah gets a stalker

- Dinah/Mallet/Shayne/Marina quad is shaken up

- A pair of childhood friends fall into bed creating a scandal

- The Diamondhead Organization strikes with Vanessa & Olivia being the victims

- Billy finds love

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