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Rusty (OC): Pa! Come open the door!

Trista and Laurel stand frozen in place as Rusty still beats at the door.

Rusty: Pa! You there? Don't make me kick the door down.

Hawk rushes out the kitchen and ushers the two women into the kitchen before rushing back over to the door to let Rusty back in.

Hawk: What?!!!!

Rusty: What took you so long?

Hawk: I was taking a nap, boy!

Rusty brushes past Hawk, entering.

Rusty: I heard yelling in here, Dad.

Hawk: It was the TV.

Rusty (not convinced) Yeah . . .

Hawk: So you don't believe me now?

Rusty: No.


Rusty and Hawk jump at the sound of glass hitting the ground. Rusty glances at Hawk.

Rusty: You heard that?

Hawk shakes his head "no." Now Rusty really isn't convinced.


Trista and Laurel, huddled against the door, turn to see that Rocky knocked a plate off the counter.

On Rocky cringing,




Olivia and Natalia, intertwined, lie on the sofa kissing each other passionately as they've just finished watching a movie.

Then the sound of a key unlocking the door causes Olivia and Natalia to pull themselves together. The door opens to reveal . . . Rafe! Donning his army uniform, Rafe lugs in his bags.

Rafe: Anyone home?

The sound of Rafe's voice brings tears to Natalia's eyes.

Rafe: Mom? Olivia? Emma? Anyone here?

Natalia comes bending around the corner with tears streaming down her eyes. She rushes over to hug her son tightly. Olivia stands nearby watching with a warm smile, and



Alan Michael stands near the desk with the phone to his ear. Bill, Lizzie, Beth, and James are nearby.

Alan Michael: OK . . . Yes, Uncle Ed. I so appreciate it . . . I understand . . . (smiling) So glad to hear that . . . OK. OK. I'll see you in awhile . . . Love you too. Bye.

Alan Michael hangs up the phone. He turns to face everyone, who are on the edge of their seats awaiting news.

Alan Michael: Aunt Alex awake and on her way home!

Lizzie: Oh my God!

Alan Michael: They said that the stroke has caused her to loose a little feeling in her leg but some physical therapy will get her right back on track.

Lizzie: Thank you, Lord.

Lizzie and Bill hug each other.

Beth: I have to call Phillip and deliver the good news to him.

Alan Michael: You do that. I'm going to go talk to the staff and make sure that everything is in order for her return.

Alan Michael goes to leave when he bumps into Caroline (Hope). Alan Michael quickly shoots an enthused look at her before exiting. This wounds Caroline but she quickly covers it up with a smile.

Caroline: The cook wanted me to inform you that lunch will be ready in about thirty minutes.

Lizzie: Thanks, Caroline.

Caroline: No problem.

Caroline goes to leave when,

James: Caroline! Have you heard?

Caroline turns back to hear what James has to say with curiosity.

James: Aunt Alex is going to be fine.

Caroline: She is!

James: Yes. She's on her way home now.

Caroline: Oh thank goodness. I have to go get the staff ready for her return.

Bill: Oh don't worry about that. Alan Michael has that covered.

Bill hands Caroline a flute glass containing champagne. She's hesitant about taking it.

Lizzie: Take it, Caroline. We have to celebrate.

Beth: (grabbing her glass) Yes. And we wouldn't've held out hope if wasn't for you.

Caroline: (murmuring) Yes . . . hope . . .

Bill: (forcefully putting the glass in her hand) Now drink.

Caroline: But I can't, Mr. Lewis. I'm on the clock . . .

James: (taking a sip of his drink) Who cares. You're off it at the moment. Now c'mon. You deserve it.

Caroline (Hope) grins hesitantly before placing the glass against her lips, still struggling whether or not to drink, and



Michelle digs through her purse and produces a flask. Her face lights up at the sight of it. She starts to unscrew it and goes for a sip when the door opens and in walks Danny.

Danny: Baby! I have a surprise for you!

Michelle turns to face Danny while hiding the flask behind her back.

Michelle: (forcing a smile) What?

Danny signals someone to come in from outside. A few seconds later enters Pilar. The sight of her causes Michelle's face to drop.

Pilar: Hey Michelle. Aren't you going to welcome me home?

On Michelle forcing a smile back on her face again while slipping the flask back in her purse from behind,



The door flings open. Reva walks in, p*ssed off with Jeffery behind her. He slams the door.

Reva: (facing him) How dare you? How dare you ask me to quit?!

Jeffery: How dare I?! I think that I should be the one asking the questions!

Reva: I can't believe you! I can't believe that you asked me to quit both of my jobs!

Jeffery: I don't see why you can't! As a matter of fact, you don't even need to work!

Reva: Say what?

Jeffery: You don't need to work! I make plenty of money to take care of us all -- you, me, and Colin. You don't need a job at Lewis or the Beacon.

Reva: (walking away) You sound real stupid.

Jeffery: Oh no. Stupid is the last thing I am. Stupid is what I would be if I sat here and allowed you to continue to work beside Josh.

Reva spins back around. She is in disbelief by what Jeffery just stated.

Reva: Allowed? Honey, I've told you once and I'll say it again! No man tells Reva Shayne what to do!

This moment of tension is broken up by Cassie entering.

Cassie: Knock, knock! The door was open . . .

Jeffery and Reva fail to notice or hear anything Cassie says as they still browbeat one another. Cassie quickly realizes that she has stumbled into something.

Cassie: Um . . . maybe I should leave.

Reva: (coming to) Oh no! You stay. C'mon.

Reva rolls her eyes and heads into the kitchen.

Cassie: (to Jeffery) Everything alright?

Jeffery: No. But it will be and real soon.

Cassie: OK . . .

Reva: (OC) Cassie!

Cassie: I better go.

Jeffery: You better.

Cassie heads into the kitchen. Jeffery whips out his phone and scrolls down his contacts until he comes upon Olivia.

Jeffery: You won't quit, fine. I'll get you fired instead. (into phone) Olivia, it's Jeffery. Meet me at Towers in ten. Bye.

On Jeffery exiting,



Picking up where we left off, Pilar makes her way over towards Michelle and hugs her.

Pilar: So long since we've seen each other.

Michelle: (mumbling) Not long enough.

Pilar: What did you say?

Michelle: I said "I agree."

The two pull apart.

Michelle: So what are you doing here in Springfield?

Pilar: I got a job offer at the hospital and I decided to take it. Plus, it'd allow me to be near my family.

Michelle: Umm hmm . . . So where are you staying?

Danny: With one of her patients right now. However, I told her she could stay here when the physical therapy for her patient ceased, she could move back here.

Michelle: Really? So now we've become a boarding house?

Danny: Michelle, what's wrong?

Michelle: Oh nothing. Nothing at all. Didn't know that we were taking in strays.

Pilar moans. Danny glowers at Michelle.

Pilar: (to Danny) Told you. (kissing him) I gotta go meet my patient. I'll see you around.

Danny: Bye.

Pilar exits. Danny looks at Michelle, upset and disappointed.

Michelle: What?

Danny walks out the room leaving Michelle alone and upset now too,



With the glass pressed against her lips, Caroline (Hope) nearly downs the drink when Alan Michael, standing the doorway, takes notices. He rushes over and snatches the glass from her before tossing it against the wall. Everyone is astonished by his actions.

Beth: Alan Michael!

AM: What is she doing? Why is she drinking?

James: We're celebrating. What is wrong with you?

AM: She's on the clock! She's not supposed to be drinking!

Lizzie: We told her she could have a drink! Stop overreacting.

AM: I don't wanna hear it. (to Caroline) You come with me. NOW!

Caroline nods and exits. Alan Michael goes to follow when Beth grabs him, stopping him.

Beth: You better not even think about firing her.

Alan Michael blows off Beth's warning and exits. On everyone worried about Caroline's fate,



Cassie and Reva sit at the counter with a bottle of wine between the two. It is still apparent that Reva is ticked off.

Cassie: Wow . . .

Reva: Yep. He wants me to quit both jobs.

Cassie: Well I'm not firing you, and I am not about to sever ties with Lewis.

Reva: Glad to hear that. Jeffery is just going to have to build a bridge and get over it. Joshua is going to be in my life till the day I day.

Cassie: Tell me about. I had to learn the hard way . . .

This strikes a nerve with Reva. Maybe Jeffery might be right.

Reva: Cassie . . .

Cassie: Don't, Reva. Don't even think about it. And that was my bad for saying that. My situation is totally different from Jeffery's.

Reva: But is it?

Cassie: (grabbing Reva by her hands, consoling) It is. You two are just having a little fight that is going to blow over in the matter of hours. Trust me. Jeffery will forget all about this and it'll all be an afterthought.

On Reva with a glimmer of hope in her eyes,



Jeffery sits at the bar, fiddling with phone. Olivia comes up to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

Olivia: Hey you. What's up?

Jeffery: I want you to fire Reva and I mean now.

Olivia: What -- why??

Jeffery: Just do it. You'll thank me later.

On Olivia confused by his request,



Rusty starts to head for the kitchen with Hawk tailing behind him.

Hawk: Rusty, wait!

Rusty pushes the door open and enters into


where Trista, Rocky, and Laurel are at a loss of words. Rusty is now too at the sight of Laurel.

Rusty: . . .Laurel?

On Laurel nervous,



Nola leads a blind folded Quint into the dusty, cobweb ridden house. Sheet covers cover the furniture -- it still has that eerie, gothic aura too it from the last time many of you saw it.

Nola: Welcome home!

Nola removes the blindfold from Quint's eyes. Quinton become verklempt by the sight of his old home -- his home filled with many memories.




Alan Michael: Are you crazy?!

Caroline: What are you talking about?

Alan Michael: The drink. The drink! You were about to guzzle down that drink.

Caroline: No I wasn't.

Alan Michael: Yes, you were.

Caroline: You know what, I am about sick and tired of you reprimanding me. I am YOUR parent! Not the other way around!

Alan Michael: And I am sick and tired of holding your secret! How about you confess the truth and tell everyone you're alive!

Caroline: Because I am better off dead! You hear me! And it's gonna stay that way. Hope Bauer is dead.

Alan Michael: Fine. But you're not staying here anymore.

Caroline: What is that supposed to mean?

Alan Michael: It means that you're fired!

Caroline: What?!

Alan Michael: Pack your bags and leave here, leave Springfield! And don't come back until you resume the role of my mother!

Alan Michael storms off.

Hope: Alan Michael!

Hope chases after here. Suddenly, emerging from around the corner is India. She smiles as if she has won the lottery.

India: Boy, oh boy. Looks like we have an intruder on our hands . . .

On India grinning,



The doorbell rings and Lizzie goes to open the door to find Pilar.

Pilar: Hello. I'm here to see Ms. Alexandra Spaulding. I'm her new physical therapist.

Lizzie is dumbstruck by Pilar's presence.

Bill (OC): Lizzie, who is--

Bill pulls the door open to see Pilar.

Lindsay-Hartley-JPI-2010-E-L.jpgPilar: Bill?

Bill: Pilar . . .

On this moment of awkwardness,




- Jason gain in ally in Leah

- India blows the whistle in hopes of scoring points with Alan

- Hope’s secret is revealed, with damaging effects.

- Annie Dutton’s sister, Cynthia, comes to town

- Nola reopens the Reardon Boarding House

- Rafe finds love

- Blake & Kevin clash over his dream

- John Hu has ties to many of Springfield's women

- Pilar returns home & wants Bill

- Michelle continues to fall victim of the "Bauer Curse"

- Tiara and Remy get closer

- Rusty learns the truth about Trista

- Cassie starts her search for her father

- Laurel and Rick connect, but their past partners (Mel & Rusty) serve as a problem

- Mel's pregnancy comes out

- Alan gets J & Tom to do his bidding

- Jeffery's jealousy continues to be problem, pushing Reva towards Josh

- Julie Camaletti is returns to Springfield thanks to Edmund

- One cousin falls for another cousin's spouse

- Dinah gets a stalker

- Dinah/Mallet/Shayne/Marina quad is shaken up

- A pair of childhood friends fall into bed creating a scandal

- The Diamondhead Organization strikes with Vanessa & Olivia being the victims

- Billy finds love

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