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As the Clock Winds Down. . .

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We open up with India on the phone. It is clear that she is anxious.

mka.jpg India: Alan, call me when you get this message. This is very important.

India hangs up the phone as Dorrie enters the room. She plops down on the sofa.

Dorrie: Well aren’t you anxious. You only get this anxious when you’re onto something. (eager) What is it, Mother?

India scopes around to see if anyone is looking. She then closes the door to the study and sits next to Dorrie. She grabs her daughter’s hand, grinning.

India: I think I might’ve landed my meal ticket!

Dorrie: Our meal ticket. And how so?

India: Caroline!

Dorrie: (snatching away, puzzled) Say what?

India: Now listen, sweetheart. . .

Dorrie: Mom, I thought were talking about us getting some serious c-notes. A real meal ticket.

India: Trust me. We are.


Dorrie: Yeah. OK. The only meal ticket I see us getting from her is dinner, (looks at watch) which is about to be served in a while.

India: Dorrie, listen. . .

Dorrie: Why?! I’ve listened to you so far and where has that gotten me? Nowhere.

India: Dorrie, just listen. What I have to say may sound weird—

Dorrie: I’m sure it does.

India: Trust me. Just trust me. What I have on that woman could have us rolling in the dough for the rest of our lives.

Disinterested and over her mother’s schemes, Dorrie gets up and exit.

India: Dorrie! Dorrie! Just trust me, baby. Momma’s got a plan.

On India stirring with the information that she has,



Laurel and Rusty are mesmerized at the sight of one another. They’re thrilled to see one another but bitter too—such mixed feelings. Trista reaches out and grabs Laurel’s hand.

Trista: (attempting to drag her) Mom, let’s go.

This stuns Rusty.

m.jpg Rusty: Mom? Wait—Trista is—

Laurel: My daughter, yes. Our daughter. . .

Hawk comes up behind and places a hand on Laurel’s and Trista’s shoulder. He nods, reassuring Rusty that it is true.

On Rusty overcome with emotion,




Everyone is now seated and there is tension. Most of it is coming from Rusty.

Rusty: (to Hawk) How long have you known?

Hawk: For a while now.

Rusty: (fuming) I said how long?!

Laurel: Rusty!

Hawk: No, Laurel! He has a right to know. . .

Rusty: I sure as h*ll do! How long?!

Hawk: Since she was born!

Rusty is blown back by this. He doesn’t know whether or not he wants to sock Hawk or not.

Hawk: Rusty, I—

Rusty: Pa. . .

Laurel: (cutting) I told him and Sarah to keep quiet! It was my decision!

Rusty: What?! Ma knew too?!

Hawk nods, embarrassed.

Rusty: Who else knows?

Hawk: Reva’s known for a few weeks. Cassie too.

Rusty: What about Roxie?! Does she know too?!

Hawk: Rusty, you—

Rusty: I’m just saying! Everyone else in this family knows. All except me. But why am I even surprised? This family is known to keep secrets.

Trista: I’m sorry. This was all my fault.

Rusty: What? Sweetheart, no—

Trista: I just wanted to be near you. I wanted to know my father, his family. (tearing up) I know that you’re running for mayor, and it’s very important to you. I wasn’t going to tell you until after the election. You don’t have to worry. I won’t say a word for as long as you want.

Rusty grabs Trista and holds his daughter tightly. Trista buries her face into his chest, crying.

Rusty: (kissing her forehead) It’s going to alright, my child. It’s going to be alright. Daddy is here.

On Rusty looking at Laurel and Hawk with malice,



Reva and Cassie sit in the rocking chairs watching the sun go down. The sip on wine as Olivia pulls into the driveway.

Reva: What does she want?

Cassie: Probably looking for me.

Olivia gets out the car. She makes her way up to Reva and Cassie.

Cassie: What now, Olivia? Something wrong with the Beacon?

Olivia: No.

Cassie: Then what is it?

Olivia: I came to see Reva.

Cassie is stunned. She glances over at Reva.

On Reva amused and stunned (too),



Holly passes by Alan Michael’s office and notices the door slightly ajar. It’s dimly lit from a lamp, and Holly gently pushes open the door to see Alan Michael working on something.

Holly: What are you doing here?

AM: Going over some of your notes.

Holly enters in the room and closes the door.

Holly: Well I can assure you that nothing is wrong with them. I’ve been a producer for years—

AM: (snappy) Did I say anything was wrong with them? I was just checking them. It is my job as general manager to check over you.

Holly: Excuse me. Let me get back to work before you do find something wrong with them. . .

Holly goes to leave when:

AM: Holly, wait! Wait. . .

Holly: Oh. Did you find something wrong? That didn’t take you too long.

AM: That isn’t what I was stopping you for.

Holly: Then what, Alan Michael?

AM: My mom. . .

Holly: (concerned) What now? (uneasy) Does anyone—

AM: No. No one knows. Yet. . .

Holly: (sighs) OK. Then what?

AM: We just got into another fight.

Holly: Alan Michael, why? Why are you so hard on her?

AM: I’m not hard on her!

Holly: I beg to differ.

AM: I almost caught her drinking.

Holly: No! Not Hope. She told me she was clean.

AM: Well she was quick to take the glass of wine when Bill offered it to her.

Holly: You sure?

AM: Yes. I saw the glass touching her lips and if I didn’t walk in when I did, she would’ve relapsed.

Holly reaches for the phone and starts dialing.

Holly: Where is she? I wanna talk to her. Maybe I can help her seeing as I know what she is going through.

AM: I doubt you’ll be able to reach her at the manor. I fired her.

Holly: What?! You have to go undo what you’ve done.

AM: If anything, I’m doing her a favor. I’m getting her away from Spaulding manor. That place is toxic.

Holly: No! What you’re doing pushing her near the bottle with your constant berating! You should be glad that she is still alive after the tragedy experienced!

Alan Michael remains stoic, but the words of Holly are hitting him to the core. He is about to crack when:

Lighting Assistant: (peeking in) Mr. Spaulding?

AM: Yes.

Lighting Assistant: This was taped on your car.

The Lighting Assistant hands Alan Michael an envelope. He turns and leaves. Alan Michael rips it open, pulls out the letter, reads it, and his face nearly drops.

Holly: What is it? Is it Hope?

AM: Nope. But we better find her and quickly.

Alan Michael shows Holly the letter, which reads:






Jeffrey: Reva! Reva!

Jeffrey enters into the kitchen to see that it is candle lit. Reva is sitting at the table wearing nothing but a negligee. She seductively signals for him to come join her.

Grinning, Jeffrey starts to undo his tie as he walks over to the table. He has a seat across from Reva.

Jeffrey: Where is Colin?

Reva: Sleep. Want some wine?

Jeffrey: Sure.

Reva pours him a glass.

Jeffrey: Good. Now I wanna apologize for earlier--

Reva takes his glass of wine and tosses it in his face.

Jeffrey: What the--?! Reva!

Reva: You slick son-of-a-b*tch! How dare you go to Olivia and try and get her to fire me! What right do you have?!

Jeffrey: Reva, calm down. . .

Reva: Calm down? Calm down?! Oh I'm just get started. Now answer the question!

Jeffrey: What right I have?! Is that what you wanna know?!

Reva: Yes!

Jeffrey: All the right. I don't want you working the Josh--h*ll I forbid it!

Reva: Well no man has EVER forbid Reva Shayne from doing anything and won't!

Reva is about to leave when Jeffrey grabs her by the arm.

Jeffrey: It's me or that job. Make your choice.

Reva thinks about for it a second then:

Reva: (coldly) Goodbye, Jeffrey.

Reva snatches away from him and sashays up the stars.

On a wet and angry Jeffrey,



It is now only Laurel, Hawk, and Rusty.

Rusty: (shaking his head in disbelief) I can't be you, Laurel. I just can't.

Laurel: I did it for you!

Rusty: No. You did it for yourself.

Hawk: That's not fair!

Rusty: And neither is you and Mom keeping this secret. Keeping my daughter away from me!

Laurel: You act like I did it out of malice.

Rusty: It seems like you did. May I remind you that you broke up with me?

Laurel: I know, Rusty!

Rusty: I would've married you and we could've raised Trista together. You've not only robbed her but me too!

Laurel: God d*mmit, Rusty! No one has robbed you! You chose your career long before we broke up! I just helped you if anything. And according to this--

Laurel picks up the newspaper and flashes it in Rusty's face. It's a pic of him, his fiance, and her daughter.

Laurel: Looks like you aren't too robbed! You've landed another family!

Rusty: Don't do that.

Laurel: Do what?!

Rusty: Throw my fiance in my face. Don't do it!

Laurel walks up on Rusty and gets his face. They're so close that it could go either way--blow being tossed or them falling into a kiss.

Laurel: I just did.

Laurel whips her, smacking Rusty in the face. She grabs her purse and coat and heads to the door.

rc_wbg.jpgLaurel: Enjoy your daughter while you can because as soon as her semester ends, I'll be taking her back to Georgia.

Rusty: Over my dead body. She's staying here!

Hawk: OK! Enough you two!

Laurel: (opening door) Goodnight, Hawk. Rusty, I meant what I said. Enjoy your time now. The clock is ticking.

Laurel exits and slams the door.

On Rusty pacing the floor realizing he is on borrowed time,


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Reva old ass is still gettign hers in LOL Gross. I love the note Am read Very Soapy.

Nice trick by Reva. I wonder how big her knees are. i just have this imae in my head LOL

Not to familair wtih GL but I liked what I read so far :)

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I LOVE your soap....I wonder if Trista has an ulterior motive. I don't fully trust her. ANd Jeffrey needs to get off that neanderthal attitude...he's gonna squeeze so tightly to Reva that he's gonna lose her to Josh...like a whole lot of other men have lol

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