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Josh and Billy enter giggling and joking with one another. This moment ceases once they realize Reva lying on the sofa in a deep sleep.

Josh: Reva?

Josh walks over to her and gently shakes her to awaken her.

Reva: (groggy) Bud? Is it morning?

Josh points to a portable clock on the desk nearby, which reads “9:00 A.M.”

Reva: Colin!

Reva jumps up and starts to collect herself.

Josh: Is he here?

Josh scopes the room.

Reva: No. He's still at the house with Jeffery.

Billy and Josh look on confused.

Josh: Then what’s the problem?

Reva: (covering) Nothing . . . I just need to go and get him.

Billy: Is everything alright, Reva gal?

Reva moans.

Reva: Far from it.

Reva starts to charge for the door when Billy stands her in way, blockading her.

Reva: Billy, not now! I have to get home to my son.

Billy: That can wait.

Reva: Are you serious!

Billy: Yeah. I'm sure O'Neill has things handled. What's going on?

Reva: Didn’t I just say nothing?

Josh goes and has a seat at the desk. He reads her expression and knows that she is lying. So does Billy.

Billy: You’re lying.

Reva: What!

Josh: We’d know.

Reva: Then you clearly don’t know me!

Josh and Billy exchange a smirk then glance back at Reva.

Reva: Alright then! We had a quarrel last night.

Billy: Quarrel? Reva, you don't do quarrels.

Josh: Exactly. A knock down, drag out is more your style.

Reva: Very funny. Now move, Billy!

Billy: No.

Reva shoves Billy out the way of the entrance when Dylan enters. He creates another barrier that prevents Reva from exiting.

Reva: Great. Is it pick on Reva Shayne day?

Dylan: Hardly. But I have been looking for you.

Reva: Well here I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take Colin to daycare.

Dylan: (crossing over towards the desk) No need. Marah dropped him off a few minutes ago.

Reva: She didn't have to do that.

Dylan: She didn't. But Colin was with her last night. They stayed at Shayne's last night . . . since you decided to dump water on your husband's head.

Reva: It was wine. And I tossed it at him.

Billy: Is there really a difference, Reva?

Reva is stunned that they are all taking shots at her. Over it,

Reva: Why are you all giving me the third degree about my marriage?

Josh: We're just worried about you.

Reva: Why? You should be happy, Bud! With Jeffery out the picture, you can try and win back my heart. That's what you want anyways. Huh?

On Josh's reaction



Trista is waiting on some customers. Laurel slides in unbeknownst to her daughter. Laurel watches on smiling.

As she is about to turn around and leave, she rams into Rocky, who is coming from the kitchen. The plates in his hands scatter and break all over the place.

Laurel: I'm sorry.

Trista’s head snaps back. She sighs, deeply annoyed by her mom’s presence.

Rocky: It was my fault, Ms. Tucker. I should’ve been watching where I was going.

Rocky kneels down and starts to pick up the mess.

Laurel: Call me Laurel, and again it was my fault.

Laurel kneels down and starts to help him.

Meanwhile, Trista approaches them. She catches the end of their convo.

Trista: Always is.

Laurel: What?

Trista: It's always your fault. You keeping me away from my father. But this time you want to take me away from not only him but my man too.

A shot of Rocky with a slight grin.

Trista: It's your fault.

Laurel: Let's not do this here, Trista.

Trista: Then when is a good time for you? Another twenty years?

Laurel: Trista, don't give me lip! You're going back to Georgia after this semester and that is the end of it!

Trista: Not chance in h*ll.

Laurel rises back up pops Trista in the face. Trista gasps.

Laurel: Don’t you ever talk to me like that! I don’t know who the h*ll you think you are.

Rusty (O.C.): Laurel!

Rusty comes running over to Trista to make sure she's alright.

Rusty: (to Trista) You alright?

Trista nods.

Rusty: (to Laurel) Have you lost your mind!

Laurel: Not yet.

Laurel pops him in the face too.

Rocky: Well d*mn.

Laurel: That’s for trying to turn my child against me!

On Rusty stunned and holding his bruised face,




Cassie and Olivia are tending to the front desk, which is piled with customers. However, Jeffery seems to weasel his way through the crowd to the front.

Jeffery: Where is she?

Cassie: What?

Jeffery: You heard me. Where is she?

Cassie: I have—

Jeffery: Reva! Reva! Where is she Cassie?

Cassie: Do I look like I know where she is? I’m not her keeper.

Jeffery: I’m not so sure about that.

Cassie: Anyways . . .

Cassie throws up “the hand” to Jeffery. She then goes back to checking in guests, ignoring him.

Olivia: Jeffery, now is not the time for you to do this.

Jeffery: I thought you were on my side!

Olivia: Jeffery, I—

Jeffery: You betrayed me. You promised that you’d fire Reva!

Olivia: No I didn’t!

Jeffery: You did!

Olivia: You asked me to fire her, and I said I’d see what I can do. And as you can see, this a democracy. This not an autocracy. I just can’t go firing people without Cassie’s consent and vice versa.

Jeffery: Oh please! That’s never stopped you before! You hate Reva! This should’ve been easy for you.

Olivia: I don’t hate Reva. I can’t stand her, yes, but that does not give me a reason to fire her based on personal reasons. She comes to work, she does her job and well, and she goes home. Why would I want to fire an employee like that?

Jeffery: Because of Josh!

Cassie butts back in:

Cassie: Uh hello, she’d still be around Josh as she works part-time for Lewis Construction. She holds stock in the company too. She has kids with man . . .

Jeffery: And they’re grown . . .

Cassie tosses her arms up in defeat and goes back to tending to the customers.

Olivia: And they’re still their kids together. Like Ava is ours. D*mn, Jeffery, didn’t you learn from me? From Cassie? You don’t step into the tornado known as Josh and Reva or else you’re gonna blown, battered, and tossed aside. It’s a waste.

Jeffery: It’s not a waste. She’s my wife.

Olivia comes from behind the counter and pulls Jeffery aside so no one can hear them. She has a heart to heart with him:

Olivia: And she has ties to an ex that won’t unbind. Stop fighting it.

Jeffery: I can’t believe you . . .

Olivia: Look! If you wanna keep Reva then you’re gonna have to learn to accept her and Josh. The more you throw these tantrums and make demands, the more you draw them back together. Been there, done that.

This sinks in for Jeffery.

Olivia: But you’re always going to need to start preparing yourself for the worst.

Jeffery: Huh?

Olivia: They’re fickle. Josh and Reva are fickle. You and I and everyone knows that. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but “Bud” and Reva are going to reunite. You just need to enjoy your time now, but be prepared when the trigger is pulled.

Olivia walks off. On a crestfallen Jeffery,



Hope clears out her room when India, unnoticed, slithers in with a grin on her face.


India: Hello there, Hope—I mean Caroline.

Hope’s head snaps back.

India: Gotcha!

Hope: What are you talking about?

India: You what I am exactly talking about, Hope Bauer.

India slowly advances towards Hope, and circles around her, examining her. Hope remains stoic, trying to let on India.

India: You have to tell me who did you’re face-lift because they did one h*ll of a job for a dead lady.

Hope: You are sick, in here making slanderous allegations. Alan-Michael’s mother is dead.

India: Oh really?

Hope: Yes, really.

India: Ok. Fine.

India starts out the room then stops.

India: You’re father, Mike would be embarrassed for what you’re putting your family through.

Hope: (snapping) You know nothing about my fath

Hope covers her mouth while India lights up. She’s caught her prey.

India: (turning back around) I knew it.

Hope rushes over to the door and slams it. She then charges up to India and grabs her by the arm tightly.

India: Unhand me!

Hope: No! You evil tramp, you better not utter a word to anyone.

India: I won’t!

Hope: Say what?

India snatches away.

India: I said I won’t . . . (sly grin) For a price.

Hope: Is that all you care about? Money? Is that what it’ll take for you to shut your mouth? Fine!

Hope goes for her purse and start to pull out her wallet when India stops her.

India: That’s not what I want.

Hope is totally confused.

India: Silly fool, I don’t want a couple of hundreds. I want a gold mine. Endless cash and you can help me.

Hope: I can help you?

India: Yes. You and Alan Michael . . . See I heard you two arguing earlier. Your son accusing you of drinking and firing you . . .

Hope drops her head, as she knows India has got her.

India: I need your help. I need you to help me bag Alan.

Hope’s head snaps up with eyes widened. This strikes home for her.

India: Yes . . . Yes, Hope! Or should I say Caroline. You’re choice. Help me become Mrs. Spaulding again or risk losing everything. Either way, I’ll get what I want. Because when I go and tell Alan, he’ll scold me at first, but it’ll eat him for a while. He’ll be plagued by my claim that you’re Hope, but he’ll take the bait and have to investigate only to discover the truth. He’ll toss you and your son out, and I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

Hope: Such a vile woman.

India: Say what you want but I’m going to come out smelling like a thousand bucks . . . well maybe a couple of billions. You can either unite with me or lose it all. Your choice . . .

Hope starts to tear up as she struggles with her decision. India leans into her ear, and:

India: Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Alan. Better care than you could have.

India sashays out the room in feat.


And on Hope distraught and torn,


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Very nice...you've been missed....

I particularly enjoyed the Olivia/Jeffrey O'Neill conversation. Very real...and very true...it's a nod to history, and I love historical references LOL

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