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We pick up where we last left off with Phillip consuming the drink. Grady watches on eagerly anticipating the outcome. As Phillip downs the last drop, he falls for the floor, convulsing. Then motionless. Beth lets out a loud scream.

Beth: Phillip!

The sight of Phillip sends the crowd into a frenzy.

Beth kneels down next to Phillip and feels his pulse. It's faint.

Beth: Mother! Rick! Someone help him.

Rick and Lillian join Beth next to Phillip. Lillian starts to perform CPR on Phillip while Rick takes a whiff of the glass. Ed emerges from the crowd with his doctor bag in tow.

Ed: (to Lillian) How is his pulse?

Lillian: Faint. I've never seen anything like this before.

Alan watches on numb and destroyed.

Ed: What happened?

Beth: I -- I don't know. He was just fighting with Cyrus and then I gave him a drink and he passed out.

Leah slowly moves over towards Grady.

Leah: (whispering) What is going on?

Grady pulls out a little bottle and tosses it to Leah. The bottle reads: THALLIUM.

Alex: What is wrong with Phillip? Ed, what is wrong with my nephew?

Alan Michael kneels next to Ed, who is now performing CPR.

A-M: You need me to do anything?

Ed: Just keep everyone far back. (to Lillian) How far is the ambulance?

Lillian: (holding the cell to her ear) They say about two minutes. Hang on, Phillip!

Alan: (to Ed) You better make sure my son doesn't die or its your head...

A-M: You need to stop with the threats. He's trying to save Phillip. Now get back.

Alan: Damn you--

Alan grabs Alan Michael by the shirt, shaking him.

Alan: Don't you tell me what to do! I'm your father! You will respect me you little bastard!

Alex: Enough! Alan, let him go!

Suddenly, a loud gunshot is heard. Everyone's attention is turned to Grady, now holding a gun.

Grady: Everyone shut the h*&^ up! Now!

Rick: Leah, what is your date Erik doing?

Leah doesn't respond. Grady then rips the mask off to reveal himself.

Grady: The name is Grady, Doogie Howser.

Gasps are heard throughout the audience.

Daisy: Grady!

Grady: Hello sweetness. Miss me much? But then again, I doubt that. You've been dancing with pretty boy over there.

Lizzie: But you are -- you're suppose to be--

Grady: Dead? Sorry, honey. Daddy's plan failed again. But he did give me this.

Grady pulls his hair up to reveal the grizzly scar.

James: He's the one that handed me the drink.

Rick: Leah, what is going on?

Grady: Payback.

Alan tries to go for Grady but Grady points the gun at him.

Grady: Wait a second there, Gramps. I won't hesitate to shoot you of all people. (to Harley and Frank) And you two, get over there with Phillip. I wanna keep an eye on you.

Frank and Harley eases over near Phillip.

Frank: Grady, you don't wanna do this.

Grady: Oh shut up! Don't try that cop talk with me. It ain't gonna work. Plus why would I listen to you? You hated me.

Cassie: He had good reason.

Grady: Screw you.

Daisy: Why? Why, Grady?

Grady: Why? (losing it) WHY?! That bastard tried to kill me by tossing me over the cliff. That is why. When he found out that I was the one who kidnapped Lizzie, he tossed me over a damn cliff. One thing about it is that he should've been smart and came to check and see if I was dead. But he didn't. Sucks for him though. That thallium I put in his drink if going to kill him for sure.

Ed: Thallium? Dear God. Where is the ambulance? We need them now. We don't have that much time.

Rick: You're sick!

Leah: No he is not! He's did the right thing... and I am glad I helped.

Rick is shell-shocked. Meanwhile, Mel and Cyrus reenter the room as she holds a cloth to his face, wiping the blood from his mouth.

Leah: I'd do it again.

Rick looks at Mel and Cyrus as well.

Rick: Let me guess, you were in this also?

Mel: What are you talking about?

Grady turns around and waves at Mel.

Mel: Grady?

Grady: Hello, Mel. Longtime no see -- well for you. But I've been seeing much of you. Thanks for letting me crash at your pad. Well then again you never knew that. So maybe I should thank my brother. Thank you, Cyrus.

Mel looks at Cyrus for an answer. Cyrus looks away not wanting to look at her, as if he is embarrassed.

Mel: Cyrus...?

Remy: I knew it! I knew it! I knew he was up to no good!

Lizzie: Leah, how could you? My father is your Godfather...

Leah: (laughs) Godfather? Some Godfather he is then. Especially when he blew my life to hell. My parents had the perfect marriage until this bozo ruined it, and persuaded my idiotic father into helping him escape the country. HE RUINED MY FAMILY! (to Rick) WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HELP HIM?!

Rick is heartbroken at his plea.

Kevin: Leah, I -- I can sympathize with you too. He ruined my family too. But you didn't have to do this. I mean revenge isn't the way to go about it.

Leah: Revenge is the way to go about it. Grady did us all a favor. He killed one part of the evil that hovers over this town. Phillip Spaulding brought hell to us all when he went on that rampage and yet everyone is so easy to sweep it under the rug like its nothing -- nothing at all!

The sirens grow louder as the come closer.

Grady: Sorry to have to cut this short but we have places to be, people to meet. So sianara, Springfield.

Grady grabs Leah by the hand.

Grady: Ready darling?

Leah: (a beat to ponder, then) Yes. More than ever.

Rick: LEAH!

Mel: You are going nowhere with him!

Mel breaks the two hands apart. Grady aims the gun at Mel.

Grady: There ain't no stoppin' us woman. Now I would hate to have to shoot you, Mel. Now move...

Mel stands in place for a sec and then willingly moves out the way.

Mel: You can go... but alone. Not with my daughter!

Leah: Mother, I am grown!

Mel: I don't give a damn! You aren't going with him.

Leah: Oh yes I am!

Mel: No the hell you are not! Girl, I made you and I can break you.

Leah throws a fit and smacks the punch bowl off the table. It shatters on the floor.

Leah: Mom, why are you doing this me? I have to go. I am in too deep now.

Mel: No you are not! He preyed on you. Don't you see that?

Leah looks at her mother for an answer and then Grady.

Leah: Not true, right?

Grady and Leah stare into each others eyes for a period. He then leans over and kisses her on the head.

Grady: Goodbye, partner.

Grady flees out the building.

Cyrus: Grady! Grady!

Cyrus runs after him.

Mel: Cyrus!

Leah: (tearing up) He used me... He used me...

AND on Leah distraught,



- Alan calls in a favor with some shady cops

- One of the brothers dies via firing squad

- The other one goes on the run

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OMG !! A GOOD ASS EP. The best I've read from you yet. It had me glued from start to ending. Some really twisted people in Spring field.


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