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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Trista sits at her desk blasting music while typing up her article. Sitting on the floor next to her is a huge mail sack of letter. Trista occasionally reaches down and grabs an envelope.

KNOCK! KNOCK! Trista takes off the headphones and opens the door, revealing James Spaulding. The sight of James just irritates her.

Trista: Now what?

James: (peeking past her) I was just seeing if you were--

Trista: Doing the job? Well I am. Unlike you, I complete all my tasks regardless how much I loathe them... and the person that gave them to me.

James: Come on. Loathe? That's a tad bit too strong.

Trista: With you? I don't think so. Quite justified if you think about it. But then again I'm sure you don't have think when you're loaded. Someone is bound to do it for you, or you can just buy your way out of it.

James: Ouch. Good one. I give you that.

Trista: No I earned it. The only thing you give me is DAMN migraine.

James laughs. Trista fumes even more.

Trista: Look, can you leave? I'm trying to finish in time so I can join Rocky and his family for Thanksgiving.

James: The Coopers?

Trista: Duh.

Trista starts to close the door when James pushes his way inside the room.

Trista: Listen, moron, if you did not know before, boys are not allowed in the girls room after 5 PM.

James: I just wanna see how you are doing.

Trista starts to push James out the room.

Trista: You'll see it when I am done. Until then stay the hell out of my room and my way.

James: But--

Trista: Goodbye!!

Trista slams the door in James face.

Trista: Dumb ass...

She locks the door and then goes back to her computer, resuming her work.


James stands on the other side of the door with, basking in his triumph.





Harley moves rampant through the kitchen opening and closing drawers.

Harley: Where is it? Where is it?

Frank watches on as Harley continues to move in a panic.

Frank: What are you doing?

Harley: Looking for the paddle attachments for the mixer. I need to make a cake.

Franks frowns.

Frank: A cake? You're... making the cake?

Harley: Of course.

Frank: But I don't that its necessary. I mean Dad is suppose to be bringing a few cakes over -- I mean there is no need for you to make one too.

Harley: Frank, what are you saying?

Frank: Nothing.

Harley: You are. I can read between the lines. You are indicating that I cannot cook.

Frank: Come on! I never said that.

Harley: But that is what you are doing. I have you know that I can make a good chocolate cake dammit!

Frank: That you can. I always said you can put your mind to anything you want too, but... cooking is not one of them.

Harley grabs the oven mitt off the counter and tosses it at Frank.

Harley: Get out! Get out now!

Frank laughs and head back down the hallway.

Harley: (laughing) Idiot...




-- INT. BAUER HOME --> Rick and Ed set the table while Holly stands at the stove cooking. Clarissa sits on Kevin's lap in the living room watching TV. Jason sits nearby on a sofa doing schoolwork. Blake goes to the door to open it. It's Mel and Leah. Blake is surprised to see them. Both Mel and Leah look weary to come in. Ed joins Blake at the door and greet the two inside. Leah glances at Rick. He glances back for a second and walks away in disdain. On Leah hurt, ....

--EXT. CHAMBERLAIN PATIO --> Vanessa and Nola are arguing as usual. Nola places the cranberries the table. Vanessa, disagreeing, picks them up and positions them another way. Nola mouths "Bitch" to Vanessa. Vanessa briskly walks past Nola showing no reaction. Nola stands still biting her lip, angry

--INT. O'NEILL HOME --> Reva stands at the door greeting Hawk and Rusty. A woman and her young daughter come up behind Rusty. Reva looks at them weirdly. Rusty holds up the woman's hand to reveal a ring. Reva screams in joy and hugs Rusty. It's apparent this is his fiancee. She pushes them inside when Josh, Shayne, with Henry come up. Reva kisses Shayne and Henry and pushes them in. Reva and Josh share a smile as he shows her the pie he made. Jeffrey watches on in the background not too happy.

--INT. HARLEY'S--> Marina, Lillian, Buzz, and Harley get the food situated. Harley then reveals her cake to them. They all force a smile on their faces as Harley places the cake in the center of the table. Harley exits. Buzz, Marina, and Lillian scramble to get the cake off the table. Meanwhile, Frank, Rocky, Jude, and Zach sit in the living room dressed in matching jersey watching the game. Their team scores a touchdown and they hop up in down in joy.

--EXT. MAILBOX--> Christina opens up a letter that is from "John Hopkins Medical School." She quickly opens it and reads it. A smile comes across her face and she hops up and down in joy. Then it hits her... What about Remy?

--INT. SPAULDING HOME--> Alex, Alan, Beth, and Phillip share a drink in the parlor. Alan Michael helps Caroline set the table.

Caroline: We are missing something... OH! The dressing! I think I left it in the oven! I'll be right back.

Alan Michael: OK. I got from here.

As Caroline walks into the kitchen, her watch falls off onto the floor.

Alan Michael: Wait--

Alan Michael picks the watch up and scams it closely. Engraved on it is the initials "HB"

A-M: I've seen this somewhere...


Alan Michael hands his mom a watch.

A-M: Happy birthday, Mom.

Hope tears up at the sight of the watch.

Hope: It's -- it's so pretty! I'll never take it off! I swear! (hugging her son) I swear!


A-M: Mom...?

A-M falls into a daze staring at the watch. All of a sudden Caroline (Hope) reemerges from the kitchen to spot A-M holding the watch.

Caroline: What are you doing with that?!

A-M: ...Where did you -- You can't -- Ugh.

Caroline: Alan Michael -- I --

A-M tears up. Hope is speechless. Then Alan enters.

Alan: Hey you two -- (reading their reaction) what is going on?

And on Hope devastated,

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Very nice episode. Love that thrwoback song. Havent heard that in a while. I cracked up laughing when the forced a smil at Harley's cake and then removed when as soo as she left.

So AM found his mom interesting.

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