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(Picking up where we last left off)

Nola: (fighting the tears) My baby boy.

Nola hugs J tightly. Nola then pulls back from him.

Nola: What made you come home? Are you two in trouble?

J: Here we go...

Tom: Aunt Nola, what makes you think that we are in trouble? We just came to spend time with you guys.

Nola: Oh really? Get over here you.

Tom walks over and hugs Nola. Meanwhile, J hugs Matt and Quint. But the hug between Quint and J is quite awkward. Vanessa notices this.

Nola: So where are Annabelle and Tony? Are they outside parking the car?

Tom: Uh no. (takes of his jacket) They decided to join Uncle Jim, Bridget, Sean, Chelsea, and Lana in Atlanta with Grandma Bea.

Quint: How nice. You did send our regards to Bea did you, Nola?

Nola mouth drops as she has forgotten to do so.

Nola: Oops. I knew I forgot to do that. Excuse me.

Nola scurries off into the kitchen.

Tom: So where is everyone?

Vanessa: Well Bill is spending Thanksgiving with his in-laws, and Dinah should be over shortly.

Tom: Good. I haven't seen everyone in years. Feels so good to be back in Springfield. The last time I was here was--

Vanessa: (sadly) When Maureen died.

Tom: Yeah... (lively) But things have changed now. And what matters is that we are all here together. So where is the food?

Matt: I still see you have that appetite you did as child, huh?

Tom: Of course. C'mon. Let's get you seated.

Tom wraps his arms around Matt and Maureen's shoulder as they descend into the living room. Vanessa, Quint, and J stand in silence, quite tense to be exact.

Vanessa: So... umm... you know what -- I -- think I left a pie in the kitchen.

Vanessa runs off into the kitchen. Quint forces on a smile as he looks at J.

J: OK, Dad, give me your best shot.

Quint: What are you talking about?

J: You are bothered by something?

Quint: No I'm not. Just surprised to see you that's all.

J: Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

J walks off leaving Quint leery.



Everyone sits at the table watching on as Rusty and Carol canoodle. Josh leans in close to Reva whispering,

Josh: This is unexpected. I haven't seen Rusty this happy since he was married to Rose.

Reva: You're preaching to the choir. I just would like to know when Rusty was going to plan on telling us about her.

Shayne clears his throat gaining everyone's attention.

Shayne: So Carol, how did you and Uncle Rusty meet?

Reva: Shayne!

Marah: (punching him in the arm, overlapping) Idiot!

Rusty: It's no problem.

Reva: But its rude of him.

Reva shoots a look at Shayne. Shayne shrugs his shoulder in confusion.

Carol: We met in Tulsa. He was on duty and I ran a red light. He stopped me and tried to give me a ticket, but I managed to talk him out of it. Luckily it worked, and instead I ended up with his number.

Reva: How nice...

Izzy: Like when are we going to eat already? My stomach is about to cave in.

Carol: Izzy!

Izzy: No, Mom! I don't wanna hear it.

The sound of a door closes in the background.

Daisy: (O.C) Grandma!

Reva: Oh that must be Daisy with the eggs. Excuse me everyone.

Hawk: Excuse me too. I need to refill my wine glass.

Hawk gets up from the table following Reva, carrying his glass.


Reva and Hawk enter as Daisy hands Reva a bag with eggs.

Reva: Hi, honey.

Reva kisses Daisy on the head.

Daisy: Hey. Oh, Trista is going to join us. Do you mind?

Reva: Of course not. (to Trista) We are glad to have you.

Trista: Thanks. I'm glad to be here.

Daisy: Is everyone here?

Reva: (in the fridge) Nope. We are waiting on Cassie and RJ, but your Dad is in there.

Daisy: He is?

Reva: Yep.

Daisy: Well excuse me why I say hello to him. I'll be back Trista, OK?

Trista: Take your time.

Daisy exits.

Reva: So Trista, how has life in Springfield been?

Trista: Good. I miss life in Atlanta but I'm settling.

Reva: That's good.

Daisy (O.C) Trista, come in here and meet my Dad.

Trista: Coming! (to Reva) Excuse me, Mrs. O'Neill.

Reva: No problem. And call me Reva.

Trista: Yes ma'am.

Trista hops off the stool and exits. Her locket falls out her back pocket, unnoticed.

Reva: Such a nice girl. I know her mother must be missing her.

Hawk: (struggling opening the wine bottle) She must. Reminds me of all the time your Mother use to fret about you not being home from the holiday when you first came to Springfield.

Reva: Oh, Pa...

Reva grabs her pumpkin pie off the counter and heads for the door when she noticed a locket on the floor. She picks it up and examines it closely.

Reva: Who is this?

Hawk: (still struggling with the bottle) Must be the young lady's.

Reva: Must be. (notices the photo inside the locket) Nice couple. If I would've known better that man in the picture looks like our Rusty.

Hawk: Yeah, yeah, Sister.

Reva: I mean doesn't it?

Reva hand Hawk the locket. Hawk put down the bottle and looks at the photo. His eyes widen in shock.

Hawk: That is Rusty!

Reva: No way! (snatches the locket back) It can't be.

Hawk: I know my boy. And looks like it was taken back in the early 90s. I remember that hideous hairdo of Rusty's anywhere.

Reva: But why would Trista have a photo with Rusty inside?

Hawk: Beats me.

Reva: Hmmm...

And on Reva wondering,



- Reva learns the truth

- Kevin has Mel lie for him

- Holly learns about Hope

- Lines are drawn in the Spaulding household


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