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Mel stands by the open door handing out an assignment as the students leave.

Mel: Everyone have a good weekend. And these are your cases that you will be arguing on for the final. So be prepared.

Kevin, still by his desk, kneels down and grabs his backpack. Mel looks past the outgoing crowd onto Kevin.

Mel: Kevin.

Kevin looks over at Mel, attentive.

Mel: Could you stay for a second so I can speak with you?

Kevin nods his head.

Mel shows out the last student and closes the door.

Mel: Come up here please.

Kevin comes down the stairs and approaches Mel's desk. Mel sits in her seat and opens a drawer to pull out Kevin's last test that reads "F." Kevin's eyes widen at the sight of the paper.

Mel: What is going on?

Kevin: I -- I can explain.

Mel: You better have a great one because I just don't see you making through the Spring semester if you aren't passing the first part of the intro class.

Kevin: I've just been really stressed out.

Mel: But why? Kevin, you've always been an A+ student since I've known you. This is definitely not you.

Kevin: Look, it just ONE measly F, OK?

Mel: But the rest of your grades are D's. Do you realize that you making a D in a core class for your major is still a fail and you have to take it over again.

Kevin: I'll fix it. You said that the debate is 50% of the grade -- right?

Mel: Yes.

Kevin: Then if I make a one-hundred on the final then I'll come out with at least a solid C-.

Mel: But its very highly that you won't make a one-hundred. It's a rarity. The panel of attorneys that I've selected are going to critique everything you do, and since I've taught this class, no one has ever made no more than 90%.

Kevin: Then I'll be the exception.

Mel: Kevin...

Mel grabs her mouth as she starts to dry heave. She leans down into the trash can and vomits. Kevin jumps back with worry.

Kevin: Ms. Boudreau, look if I offended you--

Mel puts up hand signaling him to stop talking. Mel takes a sip of water and pops a mint into her mouth.

Mel: No worries. It isn't you.

Kevin: ...Ms. Boudreau, are you sure?

Mel nods her head reassuringly. She grabs her purse and starts to dig inside it.

Kevin: Cuz if I didn't no any better, I'd say you were pregnant.

Mel snaps her head back at Kevin.

Mel: How did you know?!



The doorbell rings and Reva comes into frame, heading to the door.

Reva: I'm coming! I'm coming!

Reva opens the door and there stands Trista. Reva is taken back by her presence.

Reva: Uh hello, Trista.

Trista: Hi, Mrs. O'Neill. I just stopped by to see if I dropped my locket here.

And on Reva's blank expression



Of Reva examining the locket closely.

Trista: (V.O.) Mrs. O'Neill!


Reva shakes her head coming back to reality.

Reva: C'mon in. Let's see if we can find it.

Trista steps inside and Reva closes the door behind her.

Reva: Here, honey, hand me your jacket. I have the heater on.

Trista: OK. But I was only going to be a quick second.

Reva: Well no -- I mean why don't you join me for lunch? I was making some vegetable soup for me, Henry, and Colin, and I'd love for you to join us. That is unless you have somewhere to be?

Trista glances at her watch then looks back at Reva with a warm smile.

Trista: Nope. I'll join you and the babies.

Reva: Good. Now about that locket, let's get started on looking for it.

Trista: OK.

Trista scurries off. Reva pulls the locket out her pocket as we see a shot of Rusty and Trista's mom (Laurel). Reva puts the locket back in pocket.

Reva: Now time to get to the bottom of this.

Reva walks off, and



The production staff set up the set as Alan Michael strides into the studio at a face pace with Hope struggling to keep up with him.

Hope: Alan Michael! Could you give me a second.

AM: Nope.

Hope: Scarecrow, wait!

Alan Michael stops dead in his tracks and turn back to face Hope. He looks as her with malice as he can't believe what she just said.

AM: Did you just--

Hope: Call you, Scarecrow? Yes.

AM: Ugh. I can't believe that you just called me my childhood nickname. No one can call me that but my mother.

Hope: I am! (sotto) I am...

AM: Nope. She died in that crash.

Alan Michael walks off into



where he slams his briefcase on the desk. He tosses his jacket on the chair when Hope graciously eases in. Alan Michael turns to notice her still following him.

AM: Can I please have a moment to breathe? Please?! Just back the hell off!

Hope slams the door and rushes up to Alan Michael where she puts her finger in his face, reprimanding him.

Hope: I don't give a damn if you are mad but you aren't going to disrespect me! Do you hear me?!



Holly wears a smile that shines throughout the room. As she walks, the various staff members shout "Hello" or "Good day, Ms. Norris." Holly waves back as she comes to Alan Michael's door. She just about to knock when she hears shouting come from out the room.

AM: Respect?! You want respect? After all you did?

Holly quietly cracks the door open enough to hear as,

Hope: I AM YOUR MOTHER DAMMIT! You will respect me. You will respect me!

Holly slides in and slams the door gaining their attention.

AM: Holly? W-What do you want?

Holly: Mother? That is what I heard, right? Caroline is Hope?

And on AM burying his face in his palm and Hope in utter shock,



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