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The Truth Shall Set You Free PT2





Picking up where we left off with Holly standing in front of the door, stunned.

Holly: Did I hear you correctly?

Holly steps into the office closing the door. Alan Michael and Hope are uneasy at this point.

Holly: Hope?

Hope: (sighs) Yes. Its me.

Holly covers her mouth, at a loss for words. She tries fighting back the tears.

Holly: But you are supposed to be--

Hope: Dead. I know. (glances at Alan Michael) Some people even wish that I stayed that way.

Holly: No! No! (grabbing Hope and holding her tight) Don't say that. We all mourned you at the funeral. We all thought that you were dead. (pulling away, looking at Hope) Does Ed know about this?

Hope: No and I want it to stay that way too.

Holly: Oh no. Oh HELL no. Ed needs to know about this.

Hope: No!

Holly: Why?!

Hope turns away from them, grief stricken.

Hope: Because this is a new lease on life -- a new one for me. That crash was not only a curse but a blessing also. Hope Bauer is dead. I am now Caroline, the woman everyone adores and looks to for help. Not some drunken mess.

Holly: (reaching out to her) Hope...

Hope snatches away.

Hope: No! Holly, you have to promise me that you'll keep quiet. PROMISE ME!!

Holly looks to Alan Michael for assitance; however, he shurgs his shoulders and turns away.

Hope: Holly!

And on Holly conflicted,




Mel is still stunned from Kevin's accusation.

Mel: How do you know?

Kevin: I was just guessing. I mean you throwing up, you being really emotional as of late -- it doesn't take a doctor to say that.

Mel: Funny you'd say that, but I am gonna need you to keep quiet about this.

Kevin: OK. I mean it is none of my business anyways.

Mel: Right. Now we need to talk about this paper.

Kevin: Do we have too?

Mel: Yes. Your mother seems to think that you are a sure win for the Ross Marler Undergraduate Award this year, and I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you're not. No offense, but I'm beginning to think that this is not your passion.

Kevin: It's not.

Mel: (confused): It's not? Then why are you--

Kevin: My mom. She wants me to be like my dad, but I'm not nor will I ever be. My passion is for the people but law.

Mel: Then what?

Kevin: Medicine.

Mel: That's great! (gloating) I use to be a doctor you know.

Kevin: I know which is why I want to do it.

Mel: Because of me?

Kevin: Well not just you but all the other great doctors at Cedars.

Mel: Then why not go into medicine.

Kevin: How can I?! What I am suppose to do? Tell my mother that I want to go into medicine like my idol, Dr. Rick Bauer, the same doctor, who had a hand in Phillip going on the run, which result in my father's death!

On Mel taken back




Trista plays with Colin in his highchair when Reva enters dangling the locket. Trista turns to see Reva holding it. She is at a loss for words.

Reva: What is this?

Trista: I-I can explain?

Reva: You better because right things aren't looking up for you. You befriending Rocky then Daisy, coming to my Thanksgiving dinner, and now you are carrying a locket around with my brother's picture in it. You better have an explaination.

Trista: Well see --

Reva: Spit it out! Who are you!


Reva: ...What?

Trista: You heard me. I am your niece. I am Rusty's bastard child.

And on Reva shocked,



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Can you catch me up on your story? in brief? I used to watch Guiding Light up until its end. I hope you will continue this...and if you want to do Bay City/Springfield crossovers..let me know!!! I write ANOTHER WORLD fan fiction...and I absolutely love doing it!!!


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Well I started right before the cancellation of the REAL Guiding Light went off the air, which is why some characters are paired with others. However, the stories are:

Reva and Josh have to deal with a grief-stricken Marah, who returns home after an ski accident in the Alps that resulted in an avalanche and the death of Olivia's brother Sam. Marah feels guilty because Sam saved her and died in the process. Olivia is out for revenge

Rocky returns home and quickly feuds with Lillian, who he feels is trying to take his mother's place.

The Bauers suffered a tragedy on the annual Bauer BBQ when Mike, Hope, and a few Bauers are killed on a private jet, which was rigged. But we all see Hope survived, got reconstructive surgery, and became the Spaulding maid and confidante. Only Alan-Michael know her true identity (and now Holly).

Kevin is conflicted as Blake wants him to be a lawyer while he really wants to be a doctor like his idol, Rick (who was once believed to be his father, a nod to history). This will come ahead bringing much drama between mother and son. Plus, Jason will soon pop causing trouble and being a chip of the old block (ie. Roger)

Trista, a young ingenue, comes to town getting close to the Shaynes, while hiding a secret -- she is Rusty's daughter from an affair he had after leaving Springfield originally (on the show).

Mel & Leah feel the loss of the Foley Bros. Mel is pregnant with Cyrus' baby, who is now dead, and Grady, who used Leah to get revenge on Phillip, left on the run.

Those are just a few of the stories.

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I love them already!!! Only MLC and myself are blogging on a consistent basis. I hope you will keep this going. I would love to see where you take the stories...

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