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Survivor: Discussion Thread

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As well it should. Can you IMAGINE the editing on that? Yuck. I dread it.

And I checked the Early Show page, and the upcoming shows is updated, but nothing about Survivor ... yet. If I remember correctly, they usually update it right before the segment premieres the following day. I think it might be on Monday, but we'll see.

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Well, unfortunately, Bob and Piercy are no longer listed as potential cast members. Drat. We'll see though.

And rumor has it two hispanics (a guy and a girl) will be in the cast as well. I'm really beginning to think we may get division by race, which would be the most stupidest idea. ever.

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Cast will be announced on Wednesday, August 23rd, on 'The Early Show' (of course).

Wow looks like that Darnell poster at Sucks is right. Wonder if he's a cast member.

And it looks like it's going to be the race divide this season. :rolleyes:

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Oh [[email protected]#$%^&*].

TrueDorkTimes updated his scorecard today. Appears to be it's true: RACIAL DIVISION.

One tribe of 5 white people. One tribe of 5 hispanics. One tribe of 5 asians and one tribe of 5 african-americans.

Steve, Tracie and Sarah have been removed from the scorecard. None of the contestants so far are over 30... which blows, but there's still a tone more slots.

We do have two new players though:


Cecilia, a 29 year old accountant from Oakland, CA


Becky Lee, a 28 year old attorney from Washington D.C.

Jessica "Flica" Smith, Adam Gentry and Brad Virata are still listed as contestants.

It's a shame it took 13 seasons and a stupid twist like this to get hispanics and asians better represented. This is how Survivor should be, a decent mixing of races, etc. But NOT divided by racial lines. What a ridiculous idea!

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Heh. I like her too. Looks hot. Hopefully she's not another Misty (smart, attractive but perceived as weak) or an early boot. I hate the small tribes though because I don't want to see four women get bounced right from the start again. Guys need a little eye-candy too...

And again, it sucks we have to have this stupid race divide to finally get what should of been done from the start - a true representation of races.

Oh, and sad news to report... not about S13, but about Survivor 11: Guatemala's Lydia. Her son was killed in a car accident :( My thoughts and prayers go out to her.

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It's official! 20 castaways divided by race!

Here's the cast list (I'll edit as I get more names; Harry Smith read them too damn fast and I could barely catch them, on multiple viewings).


- Anh-Tuan (Cao Boi) Bui, 42, Nail Salon Manager, Christianburg VA


- Rebekah (Becky) Lee, 28, Attorney, Washington D.C.


- Brad Virata, 29, Fashion Director, Los Angeles CA


- Jenny Guzon-Bae, 36, Real Estate Agent, Lake Forest IL


- Yul Kwan, 31, Management Consultant, San Mateo, CA



- Rebecca Borman, 34, Make-Up Artist, Laurelton NY


- Sundra Oakley, 31, Actress, Los Angeles CA


- Stephannie Favor, 35, Nursing Student, Columbia SC


- Nathan Gonzales, 26, Retail Sales, Los Angeles CA


- Sekou Bunch, 45, Jazz Musician/Recording Artist, Los Angeles CA



- Jessica 'Flica' Smith, 27, Rollergirl, Chico CA


- Adam Gentry, 28, Copier Sales, San Diego CA


- Parvati Shallow, 23, Boxer/Waitress, Los Angeles CA


- Jonathan Penner, 44, Writer/Producer, Los Angeles CA


- Candice Woodcock, 23, Pre-Med Student, Fayetteville NC



- Virgilio (Billy) Garcia, 36, Heavy Metal Guitarist, New York City, NY


- Cecilia Mansilla, 29, Technology Risk Consulant, Oakland, CA


- Oscar (Ozzy) Lusth, 25, Waiter, Venice CA


- Cristina Coria, 35, Police Officer, Los Angeles CA


- John (J.P.) Calderone, 30, Professional Volley Ball Player, Marina Del Ray CA


* Insterestingly enough, Mike Boogie on BB7 had said at one point that Jonathan Penner would be on the show. And he is!

And Jeff Probst denied the race twist was a "stunt" (It is, IMO) to garner attention (gimme a break! of course it is!). He does say they got a lot of flack for not having a more ethnically diverse cast each season, so they purposely went out and were making it a totally diverse cast, and that's how the twist was formed.

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The official cast picture:


And an interview with Jeff Probst about the twist:



After reading the interview, I am REALLY excited for Season 13! God damn it can't come soon enough! And the last part of the interview just makes me all that more encouraged. Probst seems very happy about how filming turned out (which ended I think only a few weeks ago). I'm jazzed. Sounds like we have a lot of regular folk (although recruited), which is WHAT THIS SHOW NEEDS.

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Ok I LOVE how they have so much diversity this year, but I HATE how they've segregated the tribes....

Maybe my opinion will change after the show starts, but that is just ridiculous to me right now.

Also, I'm wondering how long the tribes will stay together - I mean what's the point if they are just going to mix them after 2 weeks like they did last year?

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Whoa - there are way too many people from LA and California...they should have ventured out more....oh well.

7 out of 20 are from LA.

13 out of 20 are from California.

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