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DAYS: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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It doesn't bother me at all?  Lol.  Not to argue but I think if Belle can have an adult daughter that's in her late 20's both Brady/Nicole can have older kids.  EJ's kids are grown ups too.  It seems to fall slightly inline with the rest of the SORASing.  It's Days so I am a little bit more lenient on believability here.

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I think today was a Jamey episode. It’s always a Jamey episode when people say stupid things or act out of character. He really is to writing what Leo is to every character he interacts with  

Speaking of Leo, he’s still

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And no prop writing is going to make people like him. Jackie did kinda speak for all of us today though. As for Dimitri/Peter Porte… I’ve said what I think about a million times already. I’m sure his acting talent wasn’t wasted in his movie last night

Btw, I love how Jackie saw Dimitri and Leo on Halloween but for some reason waited a month to track them down #lazywriting 

Even Chanel/Johnny/Holly/Tate wasn’t even that good today and I’ve been enjoying that storyline. The fake Holly/Tate relationship is totally unnecessary. That’s like something you’d see on GH.

The cliffhanger with Nicole/Eric/Sloan was pretty good though. 

Probably lol

It would be nice though to get more seasons though, or even like a whole franchise.

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I think Holly/Johnny/Tate/Chanel would work better if it wasn't so lopsided.  I know Johnny isn't going to dump Chanel for high school aged Holly.   Chanel has no reason to be jealous or even threatened by Holly.  Tate just wants Holly, so we are just watching a very predictable story play out.  All the actors are likable in this, but I feel like I am just waiting for Holly to get over this crush and fall for Tate.  I know soaps are built on stories like this-I just feel like this one is especially juvenile. 

On another note, is Gabi going to get a trial or go to court for killing Li?  I know Camila is gone, but is there ever going to be a resolution to this story?  Who actually killed Li?  I am actually offended on Camila's behalf that her last episode was just Gabi being carted off to jail for an indeterminate amount of time.  This story feels like it was dropped completely.

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Thanks!  I am the worst when it comes to credits and an actor's status.  Stefan seems like one of the more isolated characters on the cast, so it will be interesting to see what he does next.  Well, probably not interesting lol, but I guess the show has plans for him.

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Did anyone get an opportunity to see who wrote today's script? The credits failed me after being successful for several days. I may have unfairly maligned the bird. Is today the first of the scab writers? 

@JAS0N47   Can you confirm that today is the first day of strike-written show? Thanks! 

I really like both Holly & Tate. I was surprised Chanel confronted Holly until I saw that they used it to create a pretend Holly/Tate couple. Since that can be a step to a real couple that is to the good. I thought it was funny that Tate is perturbed that Brady is taking all his earnings to pay back his debt to his ex-prep school. No teen would take being penniless well! I very much like how Holly is aligned with her mom.

I liked today even though so much time was wasted on Leo, Dimitri & Jackie. But, Johnny/Chanel & Holly/Tate was fun. And, the big deal of the day was again Ari's performances. A Monday cliffhanger! Eric's got the DNA results in his hand. How will they prolong this? 

I also see real potential in the Holly actress. 

I feel against a recast Gabi. They had the perfectly good OG Gabi & wasted her. They don't deserve a new one. And they've not shown an ability to write more than crap for her! 

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