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DAYS: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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Nah, Princess Gina tossed her out the window of the bistro. The stairs were already long gone. The only things I remember they used the staircase for was at the very beginning when Jack returned and literally fell over the ledge, and I think Nicole had some sort of baby breakdown re: Daniel & Jennifer at one point.  The whole thing looked too cardboardy as it is. I think the whole thing shook when a closeted Will pressed a dude up against it when he had his first male-on-male make-out moment. 

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We might not have gotten it on network TV either. 

I like when they push the envelope a little. 

Such is Days: when they get it right, they get it right. But when they get it wrong, they get it really wrong

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In some cases, couldn’t get it more wrong even if they tried.

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The stairs disappeared about a decade ago. The larger Town Square was only around for maybe a year and a half; as mentioned above, the last thing I remember there of any significance was Nicole falling down the stairs and pretending Jen had pushed her, causing that miscarriage. We've had that condensed HTS set ever since. 

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Yep Nicole Fought with Jen And Fell, Then she blamed Jenn for the Baby Being Stillborn when she already knew the child was dead prior to that, I don't think she was fully aware of That Though she Was Suffering from some kind of PTSD

And please elaborate the Will stuff

DOOL got a Lot of Slaps this year, I'm planning A Retrospective but need A Little Help, I Remember:

Sloan Vs Nicole in January

Chanel Slapping Sloan

Chloe Slapping Xander a couple of times

Belle Slapping Shawn

Gwen Punching Leo

Did I Forget Any?

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