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ALL: Favourite slaps on soaps

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Leslie slapping Monica will always be my favorite. I didn’t even see the full original episode until the last few years. But the 35th GH anniversary special showed it with Denise Alexander’s commentary and I have been a fan ever since. Starts about 6:20 minutes in.

”What about love Monica?”

I just think it’s produced in a way that heightens the whole soapiness of it- the dialogue, the close ups, the actual slap that it seems like Monica truly felt. Hell even the 80’s lip gloss. Fun.


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Scenes like those are why I refuse even to entertain the notion that Dr. Rick Webber was screwing all the nurses at GH while also involved with those two.  Lesley was a lot of things, but she was no fool; and there's no way in hell she would defend Rick like that to Monica if she had known what a louse he really was.  Nice try, Chuck Pratt, Jr. and Bob Guza, Jr., but you failed.

It's not so much the slap that impresses me as it is the ferocity she displays both before and afterward.  Very few actors in daytime could give it to their adversaries right between the eyes the way Susan Flannery could.  Her anger and disgust over Brooke's actions are almost terrifying.

I'd have to agree with Eric Braeden: to allow a child to be that disrespectful toward a parent - even a parent like Victor Newman - is beyond the pale.  I can't remember what happened next, but I know that if I were Victor/EB, I would have told her to get the hell out of my house and not to come back until they had apologized.

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It never made sense to me back when they did it! Thankful they didn’t go the rumored original route of Rick having molested Laura, but this was almost as bad.

She’s so visceral! It’s a shame they made her into such a tragic character by killing off her whole family. Monica had teeth, and the best version of her had an edge. Leslie almost slapped the bun off her head.

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