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DAYS: August 2022 Discussion Thread ⌛

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I’m two weeks behind on episodes but I’m gonna go against the grain here and say Alex is certainly a realistic character in terms of having one night hookups and making no apologies for it. Granted, he’ll eventually fall for someone and be a neutered lovesick one-woman-man as all sexually active soap characters become, but in the meantime, it’s funny to see people so uptight about casual sex (good grief Sonny, you’re gay and allegedly had prior experience other than just Paul; lighten up). At least Maggie is up to speed on labeling people’s sexual orientations. 

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Ugghh... Rachel's gonna be a little pain in the ass? 

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All this talk about seeing Jake and how that's impossible, and yet Ava hasn't brought up what happened with Tripp. That would have given her credibility from the very beginning.

But I'm very glad the show hasn't forgotten Shawn/Belle/EJ. I really hope they play that out and by weaving other characters into it, it could have ripple effects all throughout the show.

Btw, were Chloe and Stefan still a thing when BB was in the role? Or were today's flashbacks of them brand new or reshot with BB?

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Exactly, Ava is told it is nuts to see someone return from the dead by EJ who returned from the dead by the exact same people, and his son Johnny, who not only got his eyes magically restored, but was just possessed by the devil.

It's like we only gaslight women in Salem

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