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Y&R July 2022 Discussion Thread


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11 hours ago, soapfan770 said:

LOL thanks @Taoboi I had looked high and low for a Y&R July one but saw nothing must have overlooked it. I guess @Toupsif you could please merge the threads

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It was hiding.


Yes, I would say a good merging is in order as well.   If not Toups, perhaps @Errol?

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On 7/2/2022 at 4:37 AM, BetterForgotten said:

This was nice to see - Mishael Morgan acknowledged Victoria Rowell's post on her Emmy win via an IG story.


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This is very sweet. Love the exchange of respect between the two.

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1 hour ago, janea4old said:


I agree. You can't build a story behind two bland characters. At least Allie is pretty much a blank canvas, she's got potential to go somewhere. Noah needs a jolt of some sort. A secret boyfriend. A drug problem. Goals! Ambition! That's what's missing from the younger set! Too much focus on pairing them with nothing to root for. I wish Ravi was still around so Noah could have a friend and a talk to or even competition. All the youths are married off so they can't even have some good scenes together. Even if 75% are related.

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