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"She's fully Sarah, and
Gwen has been put away and they're finally in
a place to enjoy their happiness. But because
it's a soap opera, we have to give them a little
conflict. So there are some aftereffects of the
drugs that continue to become an issue for the
two of them. It doesn't really have to do with
her feelings for Xander, but it potentially will
grow into a bigger problem and impact anoth-
er big story that's happening on the show.

"Nicole and Rafe got
engaged and we wonder if Nicole is com-
mitting to Rafe to put an end to any hopes
or dreams that she and Eric could possibly
reconcile. Roman urges Eric to tell Nicole
how he feels, but will he take his father's
advice and express himself to Nicole before
it's too late?"

Ciara/Shawn/Hope: "Ben and Ciara, who've
weathered the storm of the devil trying to take
their baby, are enjoying being new parents,
and are still reckoning with Clyde living with
them. A life-changing gift arrives from Hope
and it leaves them with a big decision to make
about their lives and their future."

Murder Mystery:
"If all that was not
enough, there's going to be a shocking murder
that will rock all of Salem. And the suspect list
is a mile long."

"This has been the
story I have been wanting to tell with Chanel
since day one, this idea of boy and girl twins
in love with the same girl. With the devil
gone, we're back to where we were. It gets
to a point where Johnny and Allie are like,
'Look, we love you, but you gotta pick one
of us. So it becomes a story about who will
she choose?

Lani/Eli/Abe/Paulina: "We know that Abe
has his doubts about the legitimacy of the
story about Paulina shooting TR. And Eli
I knoWs that Lanis the Shooler and tell Lant
to keep quiet, but Lani's guilt continues to eat
away at her. She has visions of TR taunting
her about what she did, so we will wonder
if she's going to come clean. Meanwhile,
when Paulina finally makes bail, she and Abe
decide to get married and they don't want to wait. The wedding coincides with Juneteenth,
and we wanted to find a way to celebrate that.
So we're building toward this wedding, but
have Lani growing uneasy with keeping this secret.

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Here's the rest of the DAYS summer preview, paraphrased:

Lucas and Sami:
Sami still thinks EJ is the kidnapper because Lucas had convinced her of that. Sami's feelings for EJ had disappeared.  Now Sami returns to Salem, Lucas proposes, and she says yes. Will Lucas be revealed or exposed as her kidnapper, and how does that affect Sami's feelings?
(Setting things up as their wedding approaches.)

Belle files for a legal separation. She thinks this will "create clarity". Shawn interprets it differently! Shawn feels that Belle deciding to file for separation means that Belle won't fight for their marriage anymore.  Shawn assumes that Belle seeks a technicality - so that she can have a legal way to become closer to EJ.  Ron suggests that the viewers might wonder if EJ is what’s subconsciously driving Belle.
 Meanwhile Jan continues to use her pregnancy to amp up any wedge between Belle and Shawn.

Ron says that both storylines (Lumi/EJ/Shelle/Jan) "are on a collision course” when Sami returns to Salem.

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it's pretty upsetting that they are using this Cosby-esque storyline w/ Leo/Sonny for laughs, especially when it's lie and, bitch?? Anything that has to do with Leo EVERYONE knows (especially Will *should*) cannot be trusted or taken at face value. Why would Sonny fold if Leo uses this stuff as blackmail??? Very dumb and unsettling. 

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