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When Did Each Soap Become a Hit

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At what point did each soap become popular in what was then a saturated field. 

Obvious: GH in 1978/79 after Monty toook the reigns.

ATWT: was popular in the 60s and 70s and had a mid 80s resurgence under Marland.

When for example did DAYS or OLTL or AMC become popular.

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It seems like GH was a hit earlier, Monty and Marland just saved it from a low point.  It was a very popular and highly rated soap pretty early on.  By all accounts, DAYS takes off after Bell takes over as head writer and some key recasts happen- Flannery as Laura, SSH as Julie.

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1959-60 ATWT 1, GL 2

1960-61 ATWT 1, GL 2

1961-62 ATWT 1, GL 2

1962-63 ATWT 1, GL 2

1963-64 ATWT 1, GL 2

1964-65 ATWT 1, GL 2, AW 9

1965-66 ATWT 1, GL 2, AW 8

1966-67 ATWT 1, EON 2, GL 3, AW 7

1967-68 ATWT 1, AW 2, GL 3

1968-69 ATWT 1, SFT 2, AW 3

1969-70 ATWT 1, AW 5

1970-71 ATWT 1, AW 4 (Tie w/DOOL)

1971-72 ATWT 1, AW 6

1972-73 ATWT 1, AW 3

1973-74 ATWT 1, AW 2

1974-75 ATWT 1, AW 2

1975-76 ATWT 1, AW 2

1976-77 ATWT 1, AW 2, GL 3

1977-78 ATWT 1, AW 2, GL 4

1978-79 AMC 1, GH 2, Y&R 3, ATWT 4, GL 5, AW 8

It makes an interesting picture. It goes without saying that P&G would be happy campers when they commanded the top 2 or top 3 of the ranking.

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I take it that Sheila's crossover put B&B on the map.

What particularly in 1984 boosted Y&R? I believe their was a writer change and storyline direction change around that point? The Brooks and Fosters were mostly written out by then in favor of the Newmans and Abbotts.

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The Doctors  debuted in April 1963 and struggled for several years.

It changed format from daily to weekly anthology and then became  fully fledged serial a year or so later but in August 67 it finally won the timeslot for NBC for the first time in 6 years -  beating Art Linkletter's House Party.

So officially a hit.

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GL: I'm just thinking aloud here, but I would take a guess that it really became a hit when Meta Bauer was put on trial for killing Ted White. 

Ryan's Hope: I want to say around the time Delia's schemes were revealed about what she did to hold on to Pat. Jill and the beach house explosion. Mary and Jack's romance. So maybe 3-4 years after they premiered. 

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