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Days: 2/8/2021 Weekly Preview

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Ciara attempts to connect with Ben.
Ben confides in Claire about his dream.
Charlie threatens Ava.
Kate hopes to use Jake to thwart Vivian's scheme.
It's Valentine's Day in Salem.
Steve surprises Kayla with a wedding.
Jake and Kate learn Vivian is alive.
Lani and Eli finally bring their twins home. Lani and Eli try to find their way out of their predicament.
Ivan comes clean with Vivian.
A desperate Gwen pleads for Jack's help.
Chad is thrilled when Abigail agrees to move back home.
Ben and Ciara share a dream in which they are Romeo and Juliet.
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I managed to cringe SO hard at those ten seconds of Ben and Ciara as Romeo and Juliet and I am not even a Ben/Ciara hater.

Also, I am so bored with R&J being overused as the stand-in for any relationship that faces tragedy and obstacles. Sorry but R&J's family feud is a very specific circumstance that doesn't apply here.
Find new literary references, writers.

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I'd imagine that their diehard fans are enjoying all this fortune cookie true love nonsense, but I agree that it's painfully insipid. I'm just hoping that it's the prelude to writing Ben and Ciara off the show, because there's really no story left to tell with these two. 


Ron could have easily used Ciara's time off the canvas to generate some storyline possibilities. For instance, say that Ciara has amnesia, and she's fallen in love with Rhodes, the man she thinks rescued her, and when Ben finds her, she's terrified of him--she thinks that the Necktie Killer is stalking her for some reason. Yes, that's a cliched storyline, but it could at least generate months of interesting conflict. (Cut to: Ciara yelling at Marlena, "Are you insane, woman?! You're a psychiatrist, and you want me to get back together with a serial killer?!") But when this equally predictable Ciara's Kidnapping story wraps up in a couple of weeks, the two of them are just at a dead end. If they do wind up poisoning themselves a la Romeo and Juliet, it will be a mercy killing. 

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