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YR: You're Fired! Actor out ...

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All the time!


I really don't care why he was fired.  He was a repulsive actor, playing a character who HAD potential, but now has been tied down (for the moment) to Abby.  So, good riddance.

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As soon as I saw the header, I instinctively knew it was going to be him. Just by reading all the posts of you active viewers on thi board, lol. If MO gets less screen time-- I wouldn't be surprised if TPTB pull a "Lily", where viewers temporarily see less Abby, then bring her back full time with a new chance.

Wasn't Daniel Goddard appearing less before his character got phased out? I wasn't watching that much at that point, so I'm not sure.

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LOL Goddard didn’t appear for a full two months after demanding the Traci story end. Then he announced a big new Cane story was coming and was all excited about it yet next thing you know he was fired. I believe TPTB let Goddard film his final scenes without telling him that was it LOL.


Hence why I take Boaz’s IG post with a grain of salt in a way.

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