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The Black Lives Matter Thread


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Amid all the outside agitators this is one positive moment.


(this isn't to ignore that, sadly, shamefully, a number of sights important to the anti-slavery and civil rights movements in Nashville were vandalized and destroyed today)

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Nothing like coming out of your workplace to find it swarming with policemen and almost no way home. And La Mesa is still burning from what I see online. 



3 hours ago, Khan said:

More and more, I'm reminded of @marceline's dire prediction that the divisions that have been tearing this country apart are going to end in bloodshed.

Yep.  Trump has been fanning that flame waaaaay too long for that NOT to happen.


But my theory has always been that this close to November he will do ANYTHING to steal the election...or get it cancelled. Martial Law, anyone? 

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We don't need "allies" like this. It's the very last thing we need.



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2 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

We don't need "allies" like this. It's the very last thing we need.


IA.  God bless and protect all those involved in these protests; but, more importantly, God bless and protest those (like the woman in that video) who are doing their best to restrain our so-called allies from sabotaging our mission.

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