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Days: March 25-29 Weekly Preview

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  • John turns the tables on Diana
  • Leo receives devastating news
  • Will is rushed to the hospital after his collapse
  • Ciara expresses concern over Ben’s injury
  • As Haley and Tripp prepare for their upcoming nuptials, Claire turns to Eve for help to stop the wedding                                                           
  • Eve and Claire set a plan into motion to expose Haley
  • Rafe gets Ted in trouble with Abe
  • JJ starts to have questions about the fire Jordan supposedly started at the cabin last year
  • Claire secretly records Tripp’s admission that his impending marriage to Haley is fake
  • Ciara and Ben share a sexy moment as she takes care of him                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Leo signs the annulment papers and gives will a cursed eye necklace. Sonny tries to laugh it off, but when Will collapses later , Sonny worries that the curse may be real.    
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lol at the clips of Ciara rubbing on Ben like that.


Also, I wonder what is wrong with Will. I do remember seeing video from several months ago, that hinted he would end up at the hospital. I believe this may be an illness that bothers him into the summer time. Freddie indicated that he had taped some pretty emotional stuff regarding Will and Sonny. And I believe they were taping Summer scenes when he said that. 


Brandon Barash's Stefan seems a bit... hmm... tough. Maybe a bit Johnny Z-ish. I think that since it looks like they are trying to seriously test Stefan in potential romances, they should soften him more often. I think that Tyler Christopher actually did do a decent job at showing that Stefan could be softened at times. Including with Chloe.

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Brandon was instantly better in the role in just one day. I think Brandon can play menacing and tortured and soft all at the same time. Why wasn't he in the role from the start? He needs to be both threatening and appealing. I think Brandon does a better job. Shame he's out in six months.


Tyler was checked out most of the time and he played Stefan like a creepy pervert at times, honestly. I feel like he'd have been a better choice to play Nicholas Alamain and not a DiMera. JMO. Tyler felt like he belonged in the Brady/Chloe/Belle age range (which is why it "worked better" and made more sense when he started pursuing Chloe, which is what I wanted from the start), not in the Gabi, Abby/Chad range. Brandon just feels like the better choice overall to me.

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