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Days: Vet Filming again

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That will be airing around June. He already taped that (as did Ali and Christie; edit: and Brandon and Martha). I know, with their 60 year ahead taping schedule none of us can keep track 

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Maybe they'll cast Allie after dumping Claire? (not a rumor; I have no clue, just a hopeful guess)


Sami can keep Johnny ... off camera ... lol




The taping schedule is bonkers. None of us can ever keep track of who's coming and going. When someone starts airing they'll already be done taping. Hard to be invested in that. It's hard to care about a lot of what's going on now (besides the meh writing, of course) when several of the people in budding stories are going to be out by August.


Who's left?


Can he drag his daughter Allie back to town? At least she'd have the last name Horton.


Maybe Eve and Jack can crash it and make out in front of the tree?


Maggie pretending to still be a Horton?


At least we have Doug and Julie  


I get less and less excited for the ornament hanging every year and that makes me so sad to say.


I remain annoyed that Laura, Bill, Mike and Marie all remain MIA every single year (unless Laura pops in for a blink and you'd miss her cameo). Oh, I guess Melissa and Jeremy too. Why haven't they ever recast Jeremy? Roark isn't un-recastable as Mike ... I imagine Lisa Trusel has the time. They finally remembered Sarah exists only to cast someone who should have been a recast Stephanie instead ...


Another side rant ... how on earth does Galen Gering escape the firing squad every single time? What the hell does he have on Corday? 

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 I'm dead 


I imagine they have to be buddies or something because lawd .... he and Eric Martsolf have been steady employed since 2008 on this show. As we've seen so many of the same faces come and go and come and go. I like Martsolf and Brady not dominating airtime anymore helps but lawd ... I could use a break.


And Koslow's managed to avoid the chopping block too. Kate hasn't been relevant or interesting in at least a decade (she's been there for 23 years now and was on Y&R and B&B so I consider her a vet, of course, but it's always amazed me she's never been out in any of the regime changes but I would love to write for her and for Kate; it would help if any of her real kids were around; fauxRex doesn't count to me). I mean, does she even interact with Will anymore?


Too many bubbles again ... (I blame both the writing and the episode guarantees everyone has; and the taping schedule ...)


I think a casting overhaul would help. We always dump the same people and keep the same people. There's little flexibility. 

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