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5 minutes ago, Khan said:


While we're at it, enough with the back-from-the-dead stories, too.  No one is surprised that E.J. is still alive, and that's part of the problem.

Was that even his voice?

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And why is he in a mummy's suit ??

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A Horton family tradition... giving birth at the Horton cabin. 


Kyle Lowder meeting Eric Martsolf. Love those cheeky inside references. Add that to the "Soapy Stuff of which I'll never tire" thread. 


21 minutes ago, RavenWhitney said:

They're doing what they can in their last season before cancellation. Be nice.  What do you expect from three executive producers, three head writers, five outline writers and six script writers, seven directors!  LOL.  Is Rex the space alien?


Exactly. We're gonna get Princess Gina, a blue room painted white called "Maison Blanche," a murky pub that looks suspiciously like the Brady Pub that is located in Aremid, and they're gonna drop Deidre Hall from the ceiling and record it in slow motion and play it in reverse and that'll be the 2018 version of Marlena levitating above her bed. 


One last round of crazy before the last granule of sand falls through the hourglass. Bring it. 


Edit: Carlivati loves Deidre (who can blame him?), so we're bound to get her locked in a golden cage, stuck in a pit or stashed away on an island at least one more time. 


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