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DAYS promo: Shirtless Xander

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Well, he definitely have that hair last time. YUMMMMMMMMMMM.


That said...HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA so Xander and Theresa are going to team up to break up Eve and Brady? Shouldn't all four of them be driving story as they wreak havoc at this point? 

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Telfer's lucky he's got a hot body and he's charming as hell. I also enjoy he seems to like being on DAYS and appreciates it.


But laaaaawd. That promo.


WHY are we wasting time on Brady, Eve, Xander and Theresa when "Baby Mama" isn't sticking around?


Zzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when it's over.

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I think this promo is interesting. I like Brady and Eve but I am interested in seeing how he responds to Theresa being back. Especially since she is really emotional around Tate and will probably be determined to bond with him. I thought that Tate instinctively putting his head on her shoulder when she picked him up and kissing her was sweet. 


There are spoilers from (soaps.com) for the next couple of weeks that say  that Brady will be ready to make a decision but a curveball is going to be thrown at him before he does. And that Theresa is going to guilt Eve into leaving Brady. 


Maybe he will want to choose Eve, but she's going to break up with him again, before he tells her (and Theresa) that. There is also a spoiler that mentions that Xander will be a thorn in Theresa's side.

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On 5/19/2018 at 4:09 PM, Cheap21 said:

I thought Blair Eve was Nicole. And WTF?!? I didnt know she was on the show let alone engaged to Brady. 


Also how did Teresa get back? Is she back for good? How was that story wrapped up?

Yes, she came back October 31  of last year as the dressed in diva black widow of Deimos. 


She just got back on hmmm May 3 I believe. Back for an extended visit. And from what I've read of synopsis...they picked up from her exit storyline from when she left (prisoner/ISAspy of her drug lord ex) and her storyline has crossed with Chloe who seem to be the drug lord ex's latest obsession. 


I'm sure someone who is watching (I'll get around to it eventually, but keep up by synopsis) will correct anything that I said if it was wrong.

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