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Soap Quirks

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"How many of us have them?"


At the risk of sounding like a total nut, some of mine:


-Whenever I hear an ambulance siren, I hum the classic '80s GH opening theme.


-The sound of a toilet flushing reminds me of the glissando (thank you, Na'Vell) and first few notes of The World Turns On and On.


-Every time I run up and down a flight of stairs, I think of Robin Strasser's story of running up and down the stairs as Rachel at Steve and Alice's engagement party, and viewers not believing that she was pregnant IRL.


-In high school, I discovered that the themes of all the soaps currently on the air amounted to a little over eight minutes. In boring ass driver's ed, I would play the themes in my head on loop to count down the hours.


-Hold Onto Love is fifty seconds, playing it in my head six times comes to five minutes.  Hold Onto Love has become an invaluable aide, from being a kitchen timer, to brushing my teeth a proper three minutes, it's done it all for me. Same goes for The City and it's perfect thirty seconds.


-Give me double doors, I'll give you Constance Colby. This goes for kitchen cabinets and refrigerators as well.


-Other than Adam Driver, I can't think of any current celebrity voice I have even cared to impersonate. If I was ever on The Tonight Show, I doubt the audience would go wild for my Douglass Watson, Stephanie Beacham, or Beverlee McKinsey (Iris AND Alex years). Maybe my Eric Braeden.

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I forgot how much I wuv you LOL


Okay, for me, there are a few:

Whenever I see myself in a mirror I gotta recite Janet (AMC) lines in my head.


When I'm not liking someone I compare us to a soap dynamic.  AT work, I'm the Vicki to this one chicks Dorian, thus, I tend to call her that.  She has no clue.


Sometimes, I ask a newlywed 'Oh, is this your first marriage?'


Nothing is more fun than dancing to some of the upbeat soap themes like Hold on to Love while walking home.



When I come through double doors I gotta bring out my Constance Colby too.


I've named my dog Tad after Tad Martin


When a British person comes in the store and one of my coworkers are being an a$$ I'll make a subtle coronation street reference--they always get it.


Scenes are played in my mind like songs with normal people.


As a coping mechanism I tend to think of how the difficult situation would play out between soap characters.  For example, once I was struggling at the register as it was resetting.  I told the customer, "One second, the computer is restarting".  A coworker didn't catch that and thought I was just standing around.  In front of a customer she pushed me outta the way and said, "I'm sorry, he gets kinda lazy [realizes the computer was resetting itself]...oh.  [looks at me]  You've got this!" then walks.  She was Lauren.  I was Shelia.  I smiled.


I walk home from work and when a car honks at me I give them my Kay Chancellor stare.


When I'm with a snotty customer I change my articulation to match either Vikki Lord or Sally Spectra.

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I sometimes randomly hear the Port Charles theme song (I know!), the sax version of the Y&R theme, and the late ‘80s synth version of “My Guiding Light” in my head.


I used to know Erica Kane’s drugged-out rant at the Woman of the Year awards word for word. I also used to imagine the AMC falling photos intro with family members or friends replacing the residents of Pine Valley.


When someone would refer to me in the third person in my presence, I would quote quote Lily Walsh’s “Stop talking like I’m not in the room. I AAAM! I AM HERE!”


Whenever someone references “Big Spender,” I think of the version Lucy Coe performed at the Nurses Ball on GH.

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Whenever I try to identify where I've seen an actor before, it's either from Star Trek or the soaps. Those are my 2 biggest frames of reference. 

The singer Anne Murray...she always reminded me of Erika Slezak because of the hair. I can't see Anne without thinking Viki.

When I hear the name Duke anywhere, Ian Buchanan pops into my head.


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Hmm.....I mean, I sometimes play old Y&R background music in my head when I'm really bored at work....but that's nothing compared to me silently mumbling random lines I've heard from various older episodes!

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