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On This Day: The Network Television Soap Opera Debuted

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A somewhat bittersweet milestone.


This day in 1949 marked the beginning of the network television soap opera as Irna Phillips' daytime drama These Are My Children debuted on Chicago's NBC station.  We know that Chicago would become a hotbed for the cultivation of some great soap opera creating/writing talent.



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Here's the cast list:




JANUARY 31, 1949-FEBRUARY 28, 1949 NBC



Mrs. Berkovitch...Mignon Schreiber

Kay Carter...Eloise Kummer

Jean Henehan...Joan Arlt

John Henehan...George Kluge

Kitty Henehan...Margaret Heneghan

Mrs. Henehan...Alma Platts

Patricia Henehan...Jane Brooksnith

Penny Henehan...Martha McClain

Irna Phillips first daytime drama for television.



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