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Y&R' Star Kristoff St. John Allegedly Threatened to Shoot Himself

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8 hours ago, frequentsoapfan said:

Only two mouths since one of his daughter's is grown and he has more than enough money to feed those mouths. He's not living paycheck to paycheck.


I don't think he lives payche k to paycheck. But to act like he isn't concerned about being paid is just naïve. If that was the case, he would have been far more outspoken than he was.

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According to this article, Brian McDaniel hasn't worked for TMZ since 2016.



Actually, he left in 2014.  After the Michael Muhney tea spilt - though SON actually got the story first!!!

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On ‎10‎/‎23‎/‎2017 at 2:27 PM, Cat said:


Sometimes it is not as black and white as learning to cope/unable to cope. Sometimes it just takes time. It has not even been three years since his son's death. It's been even less time since they uncovered the truth about the mental facility where his son took his own life.


Added to this, I think KSJ has found himself alone, without a wife/GF to be a support in his life, and maybe not seeing his kids every day. It's tough to be alone, struggling with sh*t like this.


I don't know why CBS/Sony would leak, IF they did leak. It's so cruel, especially as KSJ has been a Y&R/Angelica cheerleader for years. I don't even understand why they would feel the need to leak. To cover their asses? For what? This is a family matter and it doesn't involve CBS/Sony as a workplace or otherwise.




This obviously is all be a part of grieving  he has been dealing with and not to mention he had a lawsuit out I remember on the place his son died in because they feel it was due to neglect. I can't disagree with him and his ex wife. I mean the son tried attempted and didn't succeed the 1st time and the 2nd time he did? How could they not have had him watched VERY closely after that?


 It's very hard to lose a loved one ESPECIALLY his child. Something so unnatural.

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