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Plan To Save DAYS 2017 (SOD Cover Interview)


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Since I mentioned I saw it and would read it...I figured I would do a post with the highlights...




Pretty much, the same thing Corday said in his other interviews...gut feeling, steering the ship, not feeling the stories, etc.




Corday says he will bring the laughs, tears, and rootable couples.


Couples mention: John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla, Hope/Rafe, Chabby. Also noted--Nicole/Brady/Eric/Chloe not sure if it meant together, but more will get done with them.


As mentioned elsewhere, there is a murder mystery coming. It starts in June and ends in September. RC has restructured how it will go however.


Corday wants to get away from the darkness of the writing.



Expect  Ron's vision to be clear two months into his run.




Corday thinks she has a strong female point of view and should be able to ground RC as well as all of her history with the show.




There were some to a point.


Then Corday goes into why they shoot the way they have been doing it which a good overview of can be found here: http://www.welovesoaps.net/2017/02/ken-corday-shooting-days-of-our-lives.html. I liked it since a lot of us here have discussed this all the time. I do believe this is the first interview where SOD directly asked him this. And I was surprised he answered. Definitely want to hear everyone's thought now that it's out in the open re:at this point, it's the only way DAYS stays on the air thus production model.




This interview was done pre-renewal so he talks about how he feels about the Megyn Kelly news.


Corday feels the show in in good hands for the fall with RC. And hopes he now has a long term writer for the future like the soap opera writers of old who stayed on their shows for a long time.


So...beginning of July to mid-Aug/Sept is Corday's estimate on feeling RC's writing kick in.

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6 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:

Im windering if Sheri anderson was bought on as consultant as a compromise between Corday, NBC, and sony.  Did he actually say she could ground Ron?  If so, I have a feeling that wasnt keen on Ron coming onto the show without Sheri Anderson

Yes, he said it.

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The production schedule is EXACTLY the problem. There is no way to adjust stories that don't work or to extend stories that do capture the viewers' attention. It's definitely a catch-22 - the ratings are so bad that the budget has to stay low because of the license fee and so they can't get more money to adjust. Considering every single "Latest Plan to SAVE DAYS" we've seen during the past 15 years, it's pointless to PROMISE the audience that they need to stick with the show for six months before it gets good. How does that even happen? Seriously, the scripts are written well in advance - it's not like the 'darkness' or whatever other excuse is a surprise. It also sounds like Corday is very much disavowing the upcoming murder mystery, which already has been spoiled based on what we know. I wish RC a lot of luck because I hate that I can't get through 15 minutes when I happen to be around. I'm certain there are many others like me that would love to get into the show again, but the product is terrible.

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11 minutes ago, JONNYSBRO said:


I dont think Ken wanted to fire Dena that he was forced.


Pretty much.


The issue is, as usual, that the people behind these decisions obviously doesn't watch the show and I wonder if they really actually like it. They act in desperation when it comes to renewal time. I fully expect Ron to be fired in 2018 and for another massive plan to SAVE DAYS. It's gotten beyond parody at this point - surely someone has to have a compilation of the SAVE DAYS covers for the past 15 years...

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