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"Ducktales" revival coming in 2017


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The video is on Facebook and has louder lyrics. It's much better.


I loved the old version of Ducktales but I love the look of the new one and the song. I may have watched it ... quite a few times. I liked it.


I feel like they keep dragging out premiering it. We've heard about this for a year or two now and then it premieres in August but then doesn't actually premiere until September ...


I'm looking forward to it. I know some are hung up on the different look and personally they didn't need to update the theme song with a new singer ...

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6 minutes ago, dragonflies said:

New Theme Song, It's "meh" the background sounds drown out the singing IMO




This makes me want to cry and not in a good way. I really wanna go to Disney studios and choke whoever greenlit this autotuned drivel to be the show's theme. They should've just reused the classic, well-sung DuckTales theme. Excuse me, while I run to YouTube and listen to the true classic version of this song.

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