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August 3-7, 2015: GH Hits New Low in Women 18-49 Demo


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If this isn't a sign to get rid of Todd and Phyllis, I don't know what is!




But you know that ain't happening now that Jean holds the poison pen now too. She loves Roger Howarth, and we all saw that from how she over utilized him on ATWT. I can picture her dusting off her old Paul/Meg stories for Nina/Franco. 


Actually, from what I'm reading on Twitter, in 2016, they may be revisiting Francly.  FrankenFuck and NinUGH crashed and burned quickly, and CarScum can end yesterday.  If written correctly, I'd back Francly 2.0 with every fiber of my being.  LW and Howarth were a winning combo (HUSH Vee).  

Roger Howarth is bar none the worst actor on the show.  There is no winning combo that has him in it. 

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The viewers continue to throw tomatoes at Carlivati even though he is gone..:lol. The ratings for GH are dreadful and well deserved!

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