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GH: casting news Rick Hearst is back

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I had a feeling Ron would get back to that dropped plot point from two years ago. This is his idea of swift follow-through. He lays a seed and then he waits, sometimes for months, sometimes years.

I think Ric is a fantastic, demented troublemaker who is always a good problem in the mix. So I welcome him, especially if it means better story for NLG and Hailey Pullos, whose current stuff is all dreadful. But they need to cut a few people to make room for him.

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Celebrating yet another FrankenRon return, are we?

Fine, as long as we are not talking about how Ron ruined Ric and this return. How many times must we go thru this?








Who am I missing?

After a while, we can't blame Ron for doing a poor job when, going in, we have been thru this many times before.

Get rid of some of these characters before anyone else returns. This is beyond ridiculous. I want Jax back, but not until some of the dead weight is gone. This is absolutely crazy how you guys flip flop this way. Ugh!

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What can he do to "ruin" Ric? Ric is already a psycho. The only question is whether the story will be lame, and it very well may be. In the meantime I enjoy the prospect of a psycho or troublemaker who I think has a place on the show, unlike a number of others.

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