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Netflix: Orange Is The New Black: Discussion Thread

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Watched the first three episodes. Really enjoying it so far. Piper is such a fascinating character. You think you know all there is to know about her and then she surprises you. Her dealing with Crazy Eyes (and Crazy Eyes peeing on the floor for revenge) is hilarious.

I thought Red was heartbreaking in her flashbacks.

Dayanara and Bennett are SO sweet. Bennett's a cutie.

Mendez is SUCH a disgusting bastard.

I like Sophia too

If I was a prisoner in a female prison, I would have jumped Bennett's bones in a heart beat.

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If I was a prisoner in a female prison, I would have jumped Bennett's bones in a heart beat.

Haha I would have done it anywhere. LOL

I had no idea this is what he's hiding underneath those clothes:


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I think he's hot as hell too... he was shirtless on the series (1 episode / 1 scene) - and he looked much more natural and had some hair on his chest -- looked much better than the pumped up body there.

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This is my sh!t right here. Love it! I'm only at ep 8. My fave is Taystee!


And It's so awesome seeing Elizabeth Rodriguez post AMC being used well on this show. Her character is the worst but really compelling to watch at the same time. I LOVE Daya, her backstory & relationship with Bennett ;'-) just beyond adorable!


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I was hoping Piper had beat her to death. But let's see if she messes with her again.


lol. I love Pennsatucky. That little chick is hilarious! Taryn Manning rocks, and I just knew her career was over after Hustle and Flow, but I was wrong. She cracks me up with "Jesus has my back"... LMAO! She has pro lifers thinking she's a hero when, AFTER AN ABORTION, she kills the woman who disrespected her? She took her hero status and ran with it. Even before the finale, I knew she'd be back because IMDB gives eppy counts, and she was at 22.

I did a marathon out of complete desperation because it was cold outside and absolutely loved the show.

Glad Taystee is back, but what did she do to get tossed back in? I know she had difficulty adjusting to life on the outside, but I missed how she got herself re-incarcerated.

Sofia - not sure what she thought her wife was supposed to do. After all, she did initially marry a man...

Alex/Laura P can just go! I honestly can't stand the sight of this woman at all! I never thought she was a good actress and that hasn't changed!

Kate Mulgrew at Red is fantastic. I just love her! I hope she gets her kitchen back.

Really good cast, and I am looking forward to S2.

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Wow! How did I not know there was a thread for this show? It's absolutely one of my favorites - I watched the entire show in one day.

I'll post more later but I have to say that Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, and the actresses who played Crazy Eyes and Tasteee were my absolute favorites.

So glad that the show will focus more on the ensemble and less on Piper, she's my least favorite.

I just HAVE to know about Crazy Eyes'/Suzanne's white parents.

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According to Piper & the cast -- S2 has officially wrapped so now begins fun Post Production and I guess as they wind down with that Netflix should release an official date for when it will be back.

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I finally gave in and started watching this. Only 5 episodes in, but I'm really enjoying it. More than anything, though, it's making me want to get back into the 80s Australian women-behind-bars soap Prisoner. The two shows are SO similar, and even though they're basically about the same thing, I wasn't expecting to see so many similarities as far as character development, dynamics, and storylines between the two.

Kate Mulgrew is the MVP in every scene she's in for me. I never knew she was such a great comedic actress.

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Omg yes! Thanks for posting it. Can't wait! Piper is the best!! Thank god for Netflix

You're welcome! And I'm happy to see someone not hating on Piper. She's never been one of my top faves but I also don't hate her. I thought her character was extremely necessary to introduce us to this new world and its inhabitants, and I loved how it all slowly unfolded through her eyes. She was essentially like the audience. Very useful in the narrative.

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    • I strongly doubt  Valentini,  Van Etten and O'Conner know who Conner is. Conner was a fairly obscure character to begin with.
    • Speaking of passions, How exactly did that show get cancelled. I know it was dead last but it did well in the demos they want.
    • I don't feel sorry for Kenya because she strikes me as very self-aware and she knows that her role on the show is being an antagonist and she is more than happy to earn her paycheck by stirring s**t. She knows what she is here for and she is happy playing the part and I am fine with that since she seems to be. But I continue to be fascinated by the number of times Kenya has been subsequently proven absolutely right on things that were hotly debated - and generally against her - in the fandom.  
    • I mean, not to be snarky, but Days has been NBC's only soap for twenty years so it is kind of easy to be their "favorite soap".
    • Idk, I feel like Days, much like GH, has always been their own networks favorite.  I think they both have always had a little more leeway especially now since they are the last ones standing.  I can't see how Days/Gh don't make some money.  Obviously, Days works on a shoestring, but I think they still do okay.  Plus, they still resemble a show that was great years ago with all the vets still involved.  They have had a lot of awkward stories, but NBC is a network that greenlit Passions for many years.
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