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GH: "new faces" promo

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LOL.... I just can't with Frank and Ron's dumbasses thinking this sh-t is funny and/or cute. 90% of the audience don't even understand the PP/ABC nonsense nor do they give a f-ck. It is sad that they are letting OLTL, interfere with GH like this.

Who the f-ck styled Roger Howarth's hair? That sh-t is ugly as hell!!!

I just really can't believe they are bending over backwards to keep Kristen Alderson's owl looking self and Michael Easton's droopy dog looking ass on this show. And watch these 3 characters be FORCED down the viewer's throats at the expense of other characters. SMDH.

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I can't stop laughing at the expression on ME's face. It's like:

"Really? This is what you came up with?"

But it will probably be fine. Ron's so amazing as a writer he can make this awesome sauce with pickle relish.

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