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Song lyrics that annoy/bug you


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I think he did in step

"Five: Make you fall in love with me

If ever I believe my work is done

Then I'll start back at one"

It was inspired by those instruction pamphlets or sheets that come in the box with an item you're meant to put together yourself--the ones that are so easy they leave you frustrated. If you mess up start back at one and repeat steps one through three or whatever.

Here's another from Beyonce (Destiny's Child) with R.J. (Next) - If You Leave

"She crushed my new Benz, slept with my best friend

Spent all my ends, it's got to end"

At which point did he figure it had to end? And if she spent all his ends then why would her replacement want to run off with him when she later asks the followiing?

"How do I know that you won't hurt me like he has?" His response is "You've gotta have faith in me?" She says "you know I do?" Then I say, if you have faith in him then what's the problem? You should already know he won't hurt you the same way the previous guy did, but with no ends he could be a serious drain on your finances.

There's another song on that cd "Now That She's Gone" where the chorus goes:

"Now that she's gone, you wanna come back

Is that a fact? You've got it like that

You've made me wait too long, I'm gone"

Towards the end of the song Beyonce does her I'm singing this song thing and they drop some of the lyrics in a way that contradicts the message of the song which is supposed to be that he cannot come back. She ends up singing "come back" a couple of times instead of the whole "you wanna come back."

The moral is that when you get caught up in being dramatic and cute, you can totally change the lyrics to your song so that you say the opposite of what you meant to say.

Nothing But the Girl's "Miss You" contains some lyrics that make no sense at all since the desert does not miss the rain. Not to be outdone, Case came up with this for "Missing You:"

"Like a cold Summer afternoon

Like the snow coming down in June

Like a wedding without a groom

I'm missing you

I'm the desert without the sand

You're the woman without a man

I'm a ring without a hand

I'm missing you"

Who really misses a cold summer afternoon and snow coming down in June? I know they wanted to rhyme but a ring goes on a finger not an entire hand.

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"I love you like a love song, baby" is a mind bogglingly stupid lyric.

"She's just sixteen years old

Leave her alone, they say

Separated by fools

Who don't know what love is yet

But I want you to know"

That's like a pervert's rationalization, it's a nicely composed song, but that lyric gets to me because it's wrong even for a song.

"Me and Mrs.Jones

We got a thing goin'on

We both know that it's wrong

But it's much too strong

To let it go now"

Songs that make cheating sound good irritate me and that one irritated me so much I wrote a response song to it where Mr. Jones shows up at the cafe and has something to say.

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So there's that Tyrese song where he sings "Late night phone calls on the telephone" because people usually don't make phone calls using a phone.

"Into the Night" would be a great song if not for those perverted lyrics. It comes across like some anthem for pedophiles.

On a totally different note, I used to wonder why Stevie Nicks would claim "I'm a few years older than you" when she was nowhere near someone on the edge of being seventeen. Anyway the inspiration for the song is so different from what I thought the song was about.

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The song "Glad You Came" slightly annoys me because the verses are the exact same words just sung by a different member of the group. Like really you couldn't come up with two verses like most songs you just repeat it?

And the line "the sun goes down, the star comes out". One of my friends who loves to point things out said the Sun is technically a star, so the line is wrong. LOL

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I LOVE The Wanted, but their song All Time Low (which is one of my faves) has a very exhausting lyric/verse:

"When I'm standing on the yellow line, waiting at the station, or I'm like for work, a vital presentation, if you call me now, girl, without reservation, I would try to break through."

Like...it makes sense, but it's such a lengthy thought, and it's unnecessary.

Also, from "Guilty" by The Pearls (and First Choice):

"You've been found and convicted of a serious crime, caught in possession of this heart of mine. I'm locking you away for a long, long time, 'cause you're guilty, guilty, guilty of love. I'm the judge and the jury and defendant, too. I'm just about to throw the book at you..."

No you ain't! If he's on trial for breaking your heart and you're "locking him away," his broke ass is the defendant. They could have EASILY put "witness" there instead, and it would made tons more sense.

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