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DAYS: Episode # 8067 (6/24/97) will air on Friday 11/23! First-ever "classic" episode airing on NBC

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On Friday, November 23, 2012, prepare for a very special flashback episode of Days of our Lives!

Set your DVRs and skip Black Friday! We will be flashing back to June 24, 1997, and an episode in which Susan was revealed to be impersonating Kristen(think flying false teeth courtesy of Laura Horton!) and John desperately searched to find the real Kristen - and Marlena - in the secret room. Don't miss it!


Episode # 8067

Original Air Date: Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Directed by: Roger W. Inman

Short Version of "crawl" credits aired


Victor Alfieri (Franco)

Kristian Alfonso (Hope)

Krista Allen (Billie)

Matt Battaglia (J.L.)

Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura)

Tanya Boyd (Celeste)

Stephanie Cameron (Jennifer)

Christie Clark (Carrie)

John Clarke (Mickey)

Roark Critchlow (Mike)

Eileen Davidson (Kristen & Susan)

Ivan G'Vera (Ivan)

Deidre Hall (Marlena)

Drake Hogestyn (John)

Renee Jones (Lexie)

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano)

Peggy McCay (Caroline)

Frank Parker (Shawn)

Peter Reckell (Bo)

James Reynolds (Abe)

Suzanne Rogers (Maggie)

Louise Sorel (Vivian)

Reed Rudy (Max)

Andrew Colucci (Agent Dean)

Daniel O'Callaghan (Cop # 1)

UNKNOWN (Cop # 2)


DiMera Mansion Backyard

DiMera Mansion Bedroom & Corridor

DiMera Mansion

DiMera Mansion Secret Room

DiMera Mansion Wine Cellar

Park (several areas)


Salem Inn Room

Full Scene-By-Scene to be released soon!

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I agree Khan. Right now the show is so by the numbers and that includes MarDar's time. One of the reasons I can't complain too much about GH is because at least there is a vision and some sort of style. The good and the bad stuff I will remember at least. DAYS the past few years is just forgettable. I look forward to this episode and seeing Kristen at her peak. I even think her return has been lackluster.

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The climax of the Secret Room/Susan Banks storyline is a fantastic choice! It was one of the best episodes in Reilly's tenure. And the week of this episode got DAYS' biggest ratings in the decade with a 6.9 HH rating.


LOL! Great idea.

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Roughly 2 minutes, 45 seconds will be edited out of the repeat episode that "Days" is airing Friday. All of the cuts will come from the first half of the episode. Acts Four, Five, Six and Seven will air in their entirety.

Here are the changes:

Teaser Act and Act One (originally 11 minutes, 40 seconds). On Friday, it will be 9 minutes, 56 seconds (1 minute, 44 seconds edited out)

Act Two (originally 3 minutes, 29 seconds). On Friday, it will be 2 minutes, 52 seconds (35 seconds edited out).

Act Three (originally 7 minutes, 13 seconds). On Friday, it will be 6 minutes, 49 seconds (24 seconds edited out).

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