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Non soap stars you wish were on soaps

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James Roday!!!!

Dule Hill (I know they're both busy on Psych of course!)

Laura Leighton

Chad Lowe

Rob Estes

Lori Loughlin

Jill Eikenberry

James Read

Mark Kassen

Victoria Principal

Robert Hays

Gary Cole

Cynthia Gibb

Jason Brooks (He was on Days a long time ago though)

Cynthia Preston

Thomas Calabro

Shane Meier

Jennifer Grey

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Well if we are talking those that have not done daytime then I'd have to say Katie Cassidy (Ella, Melrose Place2) and Laura Leighton (Sydney, both MPs).

LL's Sydney is probably my fave TV character ever and that's because of LL.

I think Katie Cassidy could definitely hold her own against any daytime vets! Two bad she couldn't have been cast as Caroline on B&B. She would have been great going up against Steffy, Brooke, and Stephanie!

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