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The banner is great, but is Liz a suspect? She was on the island. I guess we don't even know if and where the murder took place so anything is possible.

Lisa is the best story on GH by far.

No she's not really a suspect, I guess...But I threw her up there because she's such a big part of the whole boat storyline and hell, i guess anything is possible.

And thanks! (:

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Banner is great. Are you able to replace Maxie when KS returns, or just leave it like that? I guess this is the one who is really part of the story at the moment.

Glad there is interest in the murder mystery. I haven't watched GH for ages - not that I don't want to, just that life seem more important than sitting down for an hour. I'll read more reviews before I make up my mind whether I want to give my precious spare time to a TV show. There hasn't even been enough LuNacy to spark my interest yet (though I will ship them to the end!).


just a few scenes I haven't been watching much either I checked out "awesome abs" that was quick work. I come here to figure out if I should bother. This show puts my feet to sleep. I try I really do honestly I want to like GH again right now I'm trying to figure out why I have such an aversion to this show. Maybe with Shelly Altman co-writing w/Wolf can bring me back into it full time.

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Why didn't GH continue from yesterday's cliffhanger with Robin?? Who was the trick or treater?! I'm pissed!

I forgot about that until the exact moment I read this. :lol:

This clown is making me angry now! All signs point to Lisa but I just can't believe it laugh.png It's kinda driving me nuts.

I'm gonna call it. I think the clown is Memphis Maggie. I envision a tag scene -- either as an act break or a episode cliffhanger -- where the clown rips off the mask in front of Steve and he has an "OMG! It's you!" reaction, making us think it's Lisa... coming back to find it's Maggie. Why else would the clown be following Steve and eavesdropping on his conversation with his girlfriend the entire episode?

Everything revolving around JJ's Lucky has been boring for quite some time.

He hardly ever mingles with the rest of the cast. It's like Brenda. He's shielded from the commoners.

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