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AMC: Friday, August 5, 2011

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Off screen Oak Haven breakout = LAME

Annie wub.png

Annie's on? I missed her

Edited to add: Just saw her!


Emma: "I was mean to Greenlee and I didnt like her" laugh.png

Annie looks fine. I dont get why Ryan refused to let Emma see her before this


Ryan who?

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Im glad Annie got to reunite with Emma. That was my one wish for her return and she got it.

Kathy to Tad: "Are you going to die, young or old?" Child, he's past his young years...lol


LMAO! Erica broke Janet out. The only crazy not accounted for is Marion. Im guessing she wont get to reunite with Liza and Colby :(

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Janet: "I promise you today, no one got hurt" Nice reference to her blowing up Erica's Ball in 2006

Kendall did a wrong move calling her Janet from Another Planet. Wouldnt want her to try to kill her!

Natalie well reference! Kendall as Janet's cellmate in prison. I completely forgot about that!

So Janet's off. I hope she gets to reunite with Amanda and Trevor but they dont seem to be on today

Annie apologizes to Ryan for everything, for turning Emma against Greenlee. Good scene. Love that Ryan isnt being an ass

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