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AMC: New promo about the returns

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I hope someone can post it on YT, but here's what I got of it:


Erica at OH: "Something is going on" We see Greenlee, Jesse, Zach, & then Marian & an orderly at OH.

You won't believe who is back in Pine Valley

Shows AHBabe, Brooke, Leo(new clip), Janet "We are going to have so much fun.

THORSTEN KAYE A Zen clip from last year, Kendall says "I Missed you so much"

Cady McClain (New clip from OH) Erica says "Dixie?"

Carol Burnett: old clip of her on AMC.

Josh Duhamel New clip of him & Greens, where she says "I love you" and he says "And?" she says "I love Ryan"

UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS: Shows Janet, Annie, Zach(these are all old clips) we hear a clip of Carol Burnett's character saying "Let them be happy for 5 minutes"


Tad & Dixie




Adam & Brooke

All returning for one unforgettable(shows Tad at the door of Dixie's room at OH) summer, we see Jamie, Lily, Leo& Greens again

on All My Children

Blah....still pimping Ryan...ugh....Leo is a million times better than Ryan. That's why this show became the pits.

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Yeah it's making it seems like she chooses Ryan over an ALIVE LEO :(

I don't by that she would chose Ryan over Leo in a million years but of course JD wouldn't come back in a million years full time so I guess I get why there doing that.Anyways wonder if Leo is part of Davids project

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