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AMC Monday, July 18, 2011

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Is insane Jane going to try to kill David at some point?

My stomach is in knots and the clock is ticking on this Lucy stuff. I hope we get a scene where Mookie shows up at the Hubbards' unannounced and does a triple take when he sees that baby with his mama's eyes.

Jane: I'm getting married... to a doctor! :wub:


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    • I want to love Leanna's return but her performance is so stilted. I think a lot of it is the writing/ directing. She seems to be scheming for scheming's sake. How many times can she interlope and say, "did I just overhear..." She was a smarter and sharper character in her earlier runs. She was not just a listener/repeater, she was a plotter. Her machinations were memorable. She was the type of character that never needed an excuse to do the wrong thing. Now she's just a nosey yenta. See below for an example of Leana's quirkiness in full effect:  
    • I agree with you 100%.  As for Mariah, the fan wikipedia page I read said they killed off the character in 2007 off-screen.  I wasn't watching then, but I'm sure it was an insignificant aside and probably a casualty of Kristina Wagner's precarious position on the show back then, like you said. Thanks Vee for answering the question.  I loved how the 10,000 episode ended with Head Nurse Audrey at the nurse's station with the hospital moving around her and the theme song playing.  I hope GH never gets cancelled, but in a series finale or another anniversary, it'd be nice to recreate that with Elizabeth.  
    • Teresa left right before the internet, and the Soap Communities, really became a thing. It's like she disappeared into the ether. I don't subscribe to SOD anymore, but I did for decades and I cannot remember her ever being included in a "wear are they now feature." It was not like she was a short-term character. She was on the show for 7 continuous years! Heck, Eva LaRue was only on for four years in her original run, and she had a "where are they now" mention almost every other month. I would love to know what she has gotten into since leaving TV.
    • I'm a bit new to soaps, so Leanna Loves 2023 return has to be mine. She seems so much fun just going around the canvas causing michtif. Also saw an old promo of her screaming on the phone and in a locker room.
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