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Upon watching the pilot episode a second time, I thought it was flawed in the fact that too many situations happened just by chance (as opposed to a master plan by Emily Thorne). For instance, when Emily was first introduced to Victoria Grayson, Lydia Davis (Victoria's former best friend who had an affair with Conrad Grayson) just happened to be nearby; with Victoria in earshot, Emily asked Lydia how her "husband" was doing after being taken away by an ambulance from the South Fork Inn (where the affair took place), thus tipping Victoria off as to who her husband's mistress was.

Despite all these criticisms however, Revenge is the first prime time show in many years that has had me so excited.

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I know that Emily's statement (and all of her other actions) was made on purpose. The part that I found to have been too coincidental was that Lydia just happened to be right next to Victoria the moment that Emily was introduced to Victoria. There's no possible way Emily could have pre-planned that.

I apologize for failing to make the above point clear in the first place.

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'Revenge' creator Mike Kelley: 'You will have all of the answers by the 13th episode'


Image Credit: Jim Bridges/ABC

The new fall TV season has officially begun, and one of the breakout shows (and one of the favorites around the EW offices) is ABC’s new nighttime soap Revenge. Starring Brothers & Sisters‘ Emily VanCamp as the vengeful Emily Thorne, who seeks retribution for her framed father, Revenge premiered on Wednesday to a surprisingly healthy 10.1 million viewers. So how will this soap play out? “I will tell you will have all of the answers to all of the questions that the pilot poses by the 13th episode,” says creator/executive producer Mike Kelley (Swingtown). “Then we will have an whole new installment of revenge that has to do with the trial of the murderer [of Daniel Grayson] that will take us through the back-half of the first season.”

The biggest question is what would season 2 entail? Another revenge saga? Basically, yes, according to Kelley, who cites Dexter as somewhat of a storytelling model. “In our show, there’s a whole conspiracy and seasons worth of people that will reap what they’ve sewn,” says the producer. “Revenge is a universal concept and it’s gonna permeate the show on every level. I plan to do installments of revenge. So I’ll set two installments a season which will be self-contained. They’ll focus on a group of people that need to come down and we’ll introduce new people. We’ll also give other characters on the show a reason to want their own revenge.”

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I'm impressed that thy got Phillip Noyce to direct the second episode as well--I thought he would just stick around for the pilot (OK maybe he's not a major, major movie director, but he's fairly big). I enjoyed the second episode as well. (I also didn't realize when I watched the pilot, why Conrad Grayson looked so familiar--of course it's Canadian theatre/film actor Henry Czerny who was terrifyingly intense as the pedophile priest in Boys of St Vincent as well as in one of my fave movies, The Ice Storm--great cast). My one major complaint, and it's a petty one, is Connor Paolo is an actor who DRIVES ME CRAZY--he can just look at the camera and I get annoyed... Although I did feel a bit bad when he got beat up. :P

I also had no idea that it actually is officially based on Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo--here I just assumed it was an uncrtedited influence.

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    • No such luck.  Colin threatened him and broke Leo's phone.  I don't even blame Colin.  After listening to Leo babble for long periods I think it's actually a normal human reaction to threaten Leo and break his phone.
    • Rep. Maxwell Frost trashes Florida Gov. Rhonda DeSantis with F-bomb  
    • I think the show could have easily pivoted Karen back to Jason if Jagger left and had her deal with college and the fall out from Scott being her father (even though I don't think Kin was on the show at the time lol).  I definitely think Karen had enough material for story without Jagger for a year. I could also see why they wrote her out due to the build up of the Karen/Jagger romance and the fact KMc was old enough to carry her own teen story.   Karen wasn't necessary anymore.  I do think it would have been nice for Karen to be around for Stone/Robin.  I have always found Jagger/Karen's absence fairly glaring in an otherwise near perfect story. I agree Brenda hugely benefitted from Jagger/Karen leaving.  She could get development/focus, she could be paired with Sonny without constant reminders of the Karen relationship, and it allowed Brenda to be aged up into adult stories fairly easily with her main peers not around.   I think Brenda could have lasted without Sonny.  She is another character you could easily pair up with AJ/Jason until Jason has his accident and then pair her up with Ingo once he was cast.  Since Ingo was hired for Lois/Rena I'll go with the assumption he would have been cast regardless of what Brenda was doing.  Obviously, no telling how successful she would have been, but I have no problem seeing Brenda still being a major player in 90's stories without Sonny.   Vanessa/Brenda really didn't have much competition in her age range at that time. I do see the comparison with Casey/Julia. As far as Julia, I think she got lumped in with all the other Monty failures at the time even though she seemed to have the most potential.  I have never understood the reasoning not to re-visit Julia at any length especially in the 90's.  
    • While I always take anything new this show does with a massive GOS, the fact that Zeke is in this week's promo with Drew leaves me cold to the character before he even gets going.  Must everything be tied to Sonny or Carly?  
    • A few years ago, there was a certain number of the banking and business sectors that tried to promote the idea of a “cashless” society and at first, I was willing to hear them out but upon hearing more information, I decided that it would eventually become another facet of a divide along socioeconomic lines, with the ‘haves’ benefiting and the ‘have nots’ being at a marked disadvantage. We’re already getting a taste of the repercussions of this with some establishments that have tried to deny cash payments, for example an upscale fast-casual eatery called Sweetgreen (very popular here in the Northeast U.S.) which was forced to reverse their anti-cash policy after a severe backlash once the policy became public. Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity, and I guess necessity can also provide the incentive to transform and refigure.
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