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NBC Fall 2011 Schedule


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NBC Fall 2011 Schedule


7pm: Football Night in America

8:15pm: Sunday Night Football


8pm: The Sing Off (September 19)

10pm: The Playboy Club (September 19)


8pm: The Biggest Loser (September 20)

10pm: Parenthood (September 13)


8pm: Up All Night (September 14: 10pm / September 21: 8pm)

8:30pm: Free Agents (September 14: 10:30pm / September 21: 8:30pm)

9pm: Harry's Law (September 21)

10pm: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (September 21)


8pm: Community (September 22)

8:30pm: Parks and Recreation (September 22)

9pm: The Office (September 22)

9:30pm: Whitney (September 22)

10pm: Prime Suspect (September 22)


8pm: Chuck (October 21)

9pm: Grimm (October 21)

10pm: Dateline NBC

NBC 2012 Mid-Season Schedule


7pm: Dateline NBC

8pm: Celebrity Apprentice

10pm: The Firm


8pm: The Voice

10pm: Smash


Picked up shows so far:

Smash (Musical Drama)

Prime Suspect (Drama)

Grimm (Drama)

The Playboy Club (Drama)

Awake (Drama)

Up All Night (Comedy)

Whitney (Comedy)

Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea (Comedy)

Free Agents (Comedy)

Bent (Comedy)

BFFs (Comedy)

Cancelled shows so far:



The Paul Reiser Show


Perfect Couples

The Cape

The Event

Law & Order: Los Angeles


Renewed shows so far:


30 Rock

Parks & Recreation

The Office


Harry's Law


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Deadline and a few others are saying Chuck getting renewed. I swear, if NBC renews Chuck, network deserves it's forth place standings. A show pulling 4 million viewers & 1.4 in 18-49s does NOT deserve a renewal. Heck, the show should have never even gotten a season 2.

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This is painful to say but I think NBC needs to do a complete overhaul of it's schedule and cancel most of their offerings except for a few things. I hear they did it back in the 80's and it ended up working well for them... perhaps it is time for the network to get out of niche programming and back to more well-rounded programming again.

They are on the right track with making Thursday an all-night comedy block except for one problem... where is the comedy? If a comedy only focuses on a small segment of the population, you aren't going to get blockbuster ratings. I'd cancel most of the comedies except for maybe the Office and include different types of comedies to appeal to a larger group of people... imho

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Doesn't look good for Wonder Woman....there's already been 5 new dramas added.

Yay to Parenthood being renewed!

It will probably be for 13 final episodes. Warner Bros TV seems to have done it again with their low rated shows - first Fringe and now maybe Chuck.

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They better move it Friday Death Slot not. Keeping Chuck on Monday would continue to bring down their Monday's nights.

Yeah, not looking good for Wonder Woman, which IMO, NBC should pass on. Wonder Woman Remake = Bionic Woman Remake. Everything about Wonder Woman didn't look good, from the costume on down to who they cast in the role. Same for Charlie Angels, that's going to be a hot mess too, if ABC picks it up.

Update: NBC has passed on Wonder Woman according to EW.com http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/05/12/nbc-rejects-wonder-woman/

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Whitney and Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea are both multi-cam.

Actually most of NBC's comedies don't sound half-bad, or least sound like they'll have more broad appeal. Hopefully that means they finally woke up & are getting away from the niche comedies that dominate the lineup now.

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