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AMC - Tuesday - May 3, 2011

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Is it my TV or does Liza's hair look less red?

I think they should open up the top of Kendall's piano or put some flowers or a throw over it or something. Those three picture frames look lame and it's like a big black hole on screen.

I wonder if JRM has had some recent work done. His face is looking nice and smoother.

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I guess I'll bring my luggage over from the other thread...

The Rev. Ricky and Greenlee/Ryan stuff doesn't really *bother* me per se but I'm ready for it to wrap up or at least not dominate every episode when the Angie/Jesse/Brot/Maya stuff is so much more interesting to me.

I wasn't looking at the TV and when I heard Frankie say "How is my favorite mama to be?" I figured he HAD to be talking to Randi. He's still pressed poor guy.

Griffin to Kendall: "You're lucky you have all this hair." :lol: I know some of you liked that one.

Griffin is so transparent Jealous little 6th grader

*Falls out* @ Angie dropping the baby...

And who the hell is that little kid??

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