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AMC and OLTL Canceled!

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But I think it's an accurate statement when it comes to the nondaytime press. If it were 1983, that might be a different story, but honestly, no one in the mainstream media gives a damn about daytime soaps. There's nothing newsworthy about AMC or its actors except for Lucci. For some reason, she's been able to dig out of the daytime ghetto, and people still want to hear about her. That's the thrust of the story, and I guess it sells. If and when GH is cancelled, it'll probably gather some mainstream press, who will capitalize on the Luke & Laura phenomenon, which is well known outside of daytime. Unfortunately there's really no "thrust," no angle, to OLTL's cancellation, for the mainstream media to run with.

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Speaking as one of the resident cynical, soap-hating, agenda-driven, fangurl/bitches I have to ask (the AMC viewers) why are any of you begrudging anybody else a return of a character they love?! What is the fuc king point?!

I have no desire to see Dixie or Zach but those characters and actors have fans and I'm glad those fans are getting something they love in the final months. I'm getting Lily and Maria and Marian. Others are getting Annie and Janet. If there are ten people out there who want to see Simone and they can bring back Terri Ivens, then let them do it. Don't talk to me about "history" and "core." Your history isn't my history and your core isn't my core. And mine isn't yours.

We all have our own version of Pine Valley. Is it asking too goddamn much to just accept that?

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