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Mick Cain returns to THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL on Tuesday, December 21 and Wednesday, December 22, reprising the role of Sally and Clarke's son, C.J. Garrison! The owner of the Insomnia coffee shop returns to town to conduct some important business with Stephanie Forrester. "He's supposedly been living up in San Francisco, so you can kind of let your imagination run wild with that one," says Cain. "More than likely, he's opened up some more coffee shops there."

Cain initially joined B&B in 1998 and was last seen on the show in 2007 when he emceed a karaoke night at the café. The actor says his recent return came as an unexpected surprise. "It's funny -- every time I think I've seen the last of C.J., [executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell] gives me a call with a little something for me," he notes. "It's such a cool thing to jump back in there and see everyone."

In addition to sharing scenes with Susan Flannery (Stephanie), Cain was excited to reconnect with his former on-screen love interest Adrienne Frantz (Amber). The actor was also pleased that his scenes included a reference to C.J.'s mom, Sally Spectra (played by the late Darlene Conley). "I don't want to give too much away, but there was a lot of double meaning in C.J. and Stephanie's conversation about Sally," he says. "I think it's really beautiful that's she's still at large somewhere in the world."


I really wish they would bring him back full time. I LOVED him and Amber back when they were together. I say ditch Oliver and bring back CJ

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