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AMC - Monday - 11/29/10

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LOL...that pic was a daydream. I thought WTF when the show opened up with that


Liza and Greens in the police station with David. WTF is Greenlee wearing over her dress? Liza of course looks amazing


Madison still exists. She tells Ryan, "Greenlee must really love you". Gag me


Greenlee: "Do you blame me for Zach's death?"

Erica: "Why wouldnt I? This whole thing started with you"


Is it just me or is anyone else seeing some inappropriate chemistry from these two :blink:

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Kid's Thanksgiving performance


Kane women together


Ryan Jack attacking David


Ryan making a call to make sure David is on his way to prison


If you're finding the episode boring, the preview gives us something good to look forward to :D


Ugh! Episode officially ruined.


For those worried about Angie, she's on today. She didnt say anything but she's there and I love her hair


Kendall just told Spike. She couldnt wait a day? Now Spike will rememebr Thanksgiving for the rest of his life as the day Daddy Zach died :blink:

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That part in the beginning fooled me for a second, I thought it was a repeat.

Greenlee in that fake persian lamb bolero looks much better in long shot. I looked up when she was in closeup and that thing was engulfing her face. That pic of her and Erica with Erica in the foreground looks like a classic soap still photo.

Madison trying to duck out of Krystal's was so sad. It's been months and months now and I still can't put my finger on how she's going to turn out. Just when I think she's going to go all OLTL's Hannah, they take it down and notch, and then the cycle of borderline nuts continues.

Feel free to spoler tag, when is Randi coming back? Or has she been back and I missed it? :unsure: Just wondering what the pulse of her and Frankie's relationship will look like when she gets back from her latest excursion, if Madison and Frankie is still on the radar.

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