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I’ve been watching LA Law on Amazon Prime and Renee Jones has a recurring role as a law clerk and love interest for Blair Underwood’s character. This would’ve been 89-90 I believe. She’s great in the show! I’m honestly surprised they didn’t put her on full time because as the episodes continue they keep developing her more and more. I don’t see how she will leave at this point. Of course it’s good she did because we got her on DAYS as Lexie!

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On 7/7/2020 at 2:24 PM, Vee said:

I have no problem believing Dee threw her weight around, but Crystal ended up having issues at every single show she ever worked on.

Same. I remember Bill Bell saying he recommended Days producers look at Diedre for the role of Marlena as he had no more story left for her at Y&R. When he would see her, once she was on the show, he said she wasn't at all friendly to him. He would say hello and she would just ignore him. Seems she always had an attitude. 

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On 7/8/2020 at 10:44 AM, soapfan770 said:


If anybody was in need of a public neutering, it was Ken Corday. Corday defended Reilly’s style through the boom period of the mid-90’s. Then, he tried to out-Reilly Reilly with dumb gimmicks like the Princess Gina mess. Then, after a disastrous attempt to fuse Reilly’s outrageousness with more traditional soap story, Corday decided that the most radical thing to do would be to return Days to its’ roots. Ken Corday blamed everything on accomplice Tom Langan, fired him, and brought staff writers Peter Brash and Paula Cwikly to the fore. It seemed to be working, with the duo routinely making silk purses out of sow’s ears like Sami Scams Austin part 12, and the Hope/Lexie baby switch madness. So, what happened? Muttering something about budget expenses, Corday axed Cwikly/Brash and promoted Dena Higley, who basically wrote non-events like the Salem earthquake and mystery goop. The ratings dropped faster than a politician’s trousers, putting DAYS in a weak position when it was time to enter contract renewal talks with NBC. NBC wanted ratings up, budgets slashed, and James E. Reilly back as Head Writer. The alternatives? Go to another outlet that would probably want even more changes, or simply go off the air. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Corday chose to just lay there, and let NBC have their way and watched while Reilly makes a mockery of all the lofty ideals Corday was spouting. 



That whole time from 2002-2003 was such a weird era. It's almost like Dena Higley was brought on to purposely sabotage the show so they'd have reason for Reilly to come back and "save" it. Of course, that's not what actually happened, but it was a bogus move to ax Brash and Cwikly. 


Another "interim" headwriter that was better than what came before or after her was Beth Milstein in mid-2006 after Reilly 2.0 left but before Hogan Sheffer joined. 

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Just watched the Coronation massacre. It was crazy and OTT but it was directed really well. And all the cameos from all the popular soap stars were fun to see. I miss when soaps had money.


Also, was Stefano originally gonna turn out to be Chloe's father? The writers really seemed to have established a good relationship between the two of them.



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