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1998 Year in Review

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If anyone wants more detail just ask about any of them.

Worst Story - Michelle's Blindness, GL

Best Story - Diane/Victor/Nikki, Y&R

Best Guest Star - LeAnn Rimes, DAYS

Saddest Story - Harold's death, AMC

Most Humiliating Breakup - Jake and Vicky, AW

Best Show - Y&R

Most Improved Show - ATWT

Most Disappointing Shows - AW, 90210

Most Shocking Storyline Twists - Roman and Billie were once lovers (DAYS), Katherine's murder (GH), Rick isn't Kevin's father (GL)

Worst Storyline Twists -

Donna believes Grant's lies about Vicky/Shane, runs over Marley thinking she was Vicky, AW

Maggie goes crazy and kidnaps Sheila; James divorces Maggie to be with Sheila

Best Storyline Twists - Mr. Murty is gay, GH; Tad planted the photos, AMC

Best New Couple - Lucky and Liz, GH

Most Entertaining Couple - Craig and Nancy, DAYS

Most Charming Couple - Harley and Phillip, GL

Finds of the Year - Joie Lenz, GL; Patrika Darbo, DAYS; Erika Page, OLTL

Best Recycling of an Actress - Joie Lenz, GL

Unlucky in Love - Kelly, OLTL

Most Socially Relevant - Bianca's anorexia, AMC; Camille's breast cancer, ATWT

Changing His Spots/Most Shocking Entrance - David Forsyth AMC; Bob Thomasen (Forsyth) appears in court, AMC

Most Welcome Returns to Soaps - Cat Hickland, OLTL; Gordon Thomson, Sunset

Mind Your Own Business - Donna, AW; Lucinda, ATWT; Lindsay, OLTL

Best Breakout Performances - Beth Chamberlin, GL; Becky Herbst, GH

Best Sports - Louise Sorel, DAYS; Julianne Morris, DAYS

Most Bizarre Plot Device - Vivian's mood-altering tooth implant, DAYS

Wasted Resources - Darlene Conley, B&B, Maggie Rush-Miller, PC, Stephen Markle, OLTL

Best Pinch-Hitting - Cynthia Watros as Vicky, AW

Most Brutal Breakups - Kevin/Lucy, PC; Georgie/Drew, OLTL

Worst Friends - Emily, ATWT; Annie, Sunset; Melinda Fall, Sunset

What a Waste - David goes psycho and the loss of Daniel Markel, ATWT; Peter's jungle madness, DAYS; Father Antonio and the town's women, Sunset

Best Friends - Tad, AMC; CJ, B&B; John, DAYS; Tammy, GH; Sam, OLTL; Sarah, Party of Five

Most Welcome Returns to Roles - Cady McClain, AMC; Ellen Wheeler, AW

Best Wedding - Felicia/Mac/Kevin/Lucy; GH/PC

Best Wife/Husband - Nancy, DAYS; Mel, OLTL

Worst Wife/Husband - Blake, GL; Grant, AW

Most Complex New Character - Ben, GL

Greatest Losses - Eileen Davidson, DAYS; Vanessa Marcil, GH; Cynthia Watros, GL

Most Disturbing Act - Sheila chops off Thomas' hair, B*

Least Forgiving - Lucky, GH

Most Separated Couple - Luke and Laura, GH

Most Forgiving - Lisa, ATWT; Bobbie, GH

Most Psychotic Characters - Lee Hawkins, AMC; Julie, PC

Most Unlikely Triangle - Lisa/John/Barbara, ATWT

Most Controversial Departure - Charles Keating, AW

Most Tasteless Love Scene - Brooke/Ridge, B&B

Too Much Information - Taylor's "see through" negligee, B&B

Most Talked About Kiss - Carrie/Mike, DAYS

Sexiest Scene - Nick and Grace, Y&R

As Kinky As They Want to Be - Blake handcuffing Ben to bed/Ben videotaping Blake in his bed, GL; Kevin/Barbara, OLTL

Best Revenge - Kate frames Sami for Franco's murder, DAYS; Victor buys Leanna's station and fires her, Y&R

Best Use of History - Laura's rape, GH; Justus' crime, GH; Jill and Katherine battle for the mansion, Y&R; Carl's return, Y&R

Most Transforming Recasts - Monti Sharp (Justus, GH); Tim Gibbs (Kevin, OLTL)

Sexiest Newcomers - Cameron Mathison, Katie Holmes, Hunt Block, David Fumero, Nick Kiriazis

Most Predictable Story Development - Grant wanting Macy to have Thorne's baby, B&B

Best Triangles - Carly/Jack/Julia, ATWT; Danny/Christine/Paul, Y&R; Beth/Phillip/Harley, GL; Stefan/Luke/Laura, GH

Worst Triangle - Jack/Erica/Mike, AMC

Most Intriguing New Character - Selena, GL

Most Anticipated Event With the Biggest Payoff - Carly is Bobbie's daughter, GH

Most Anticipated Event with No Payoff - Brendan and Kelly's Wedding, 90210

Who Cares? - Nicole's past, DAYS; Palmer's paintings, AMC

Best Child Actor - Camryn Grimes, Y&R

Most Surprising Marriages - Lindsay/Clint, OLTL; Nikki/Victor, Y&R

Most Drastic Character Transformations - Tony, GH; Marian, AMC; Marley, AW

Best Female Bonding/Male Bonding - Hope and Lily, DAYS; Eve and Serena, PC; Kevin and Victor, PC; Jack and Mike, AMC

Most Transforming Haircuts - Mary Beth Evans, GH; Cat Hickland, OLTL; Priscilla Garita, Sunset; Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R

Most Underused Couple - Matt and Vanessa, GL

Best Odd Couple - David's ALS, OLTL

Art Imitating Life - David's ALS, OLTL

Best Rip-Off of a Movie Genre - Sunset

Joan Crawford Mommie Dearest Award - Helena, GH

Best Limited Runs - Jennifer Hetrick, GH; Paul Williams, B&B; Marian Seldes, OLTL; Jessica Tuck, Sunset

Best Continuing Use of a Prop - Princess Gina's compact, DAYS; Holly's flask, GL; Videotape of Ben/Blake in bed, GL; Todd's audiotape, OLTL; Best of Bach, OLTL; Maria's portrait, Sunset

Most Original Use of Props - Sunset (among others, the turkey baster and the Maria coffee mugs)

Best Prime-Time Soap - Party of Five

Worst and Most Overused Plot - Pregnancy

Couples with the Least Chemistry - Eric/Nicole, DAYS; Jason/Robin, GH; Frank/Julie, PC; Ashley/Cole, Y&R

Worst Use of Popular Characters - DAYS

Worst Overuse of a Beloved Character - Reva, GL

Couples with Most Potential - Bobbie/Jerry, GH; Sam/Blair; OLTL

Best No-Brainer Decision by a Network - DAYS

Glad We Weren't Invited - Adam's dinner party for Marian, AMC; July 4th explosion, AMC; Nancy's 80th birthday party, ATWT; Nurses' Ball, GH/PC; Julie plays "Who's the Killer", PC; Any party, Sunset

Party We Most Wish We'd Attended - Crystal Ball, AMC

Most Distressed Damsels - Meg, Sunset; Hayley, AMC

Poetic Justice - Sami being used by Franco, DAYS; Chris loses the Quartermaine Fellowship, PC

Most Disturbing - Alan's addiction, GH; Jim's actions and murder, AMC

Most Overused Trends - Sperm/sterility; Art; Psychic friends; Stalled or broken-down elevators; Mind altering

Sophie's Choice - Olivia keeps quiet about her baby son so she won't hurt Caitlin, Sunset

Thank God It's Over - Jake/Vicky/Shane, AW; Lily/Holden/Molly, ATWT; Taylor/Ridge/Brooke, B&B

Best Follow-Through - Veronica, Y&R

Most Chilling Scenes - Georgia beats Rachel with a phone receiver, OLTL; Grace's death, PC; Meg realizing she was showering with Ben, not Derek, Sunset

Best Closure - Brenda and Sonny's final goodbye, GH

Most Original New Profession - Pierce, a motivational speaker, B&B; Diane the mortician, Sunset; Mrs. Moreau, Sunset

Best Special Effects - Seismic summer, Sunset

Back on the Stove - Hal, ATWT; Cass and Felicia, AW; Macy, B&B

Dropping the Ball - What happened to Kevin? AMC; Etta Mae's long-lost daughter/Tyrone's father, AW; Matt and Ellen, PC

Best Murder Mystery With Best Resolution - The Killing Pool, DAYS

''' with Worst Resolution - Rachel killed Georgia, OLTL

Hottest Love Scene - Gillian and David, AMC

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, Beyond Dumb - Josh, GL; Tom, ATWT; Hart, GL; Austin, DAYS

Sweetest Wedding - Trevor and Janet, AMC

Most Anticipated Wedding - Lily/Holden, ATWT

Best "Bad" Story - Martin's Syndrome, Sunset

Most Puzzling Story Decision - Writing off Sam and Kirk after Sam learned Georgia was her daughter, ATWT

Hardest Scene to Watch - Lee's torture of Hayley, AMC

Cruelest Story Twist - Annie steals Olivia's baby to give to Caitlin, Sunset

Most Graphic Death Scenes - Lee, AMC; Veronica, Y&R

Worst Special Effects Makeup - The Reva clone as an old woman, GL

Best Fantasy/Dream - Lucy's Wizard of Oz dream, PC; Annie's fantasies, Sunset

Worst Fantasy - Dorian in hell, OLTL

Most Controversial Story - Reva clone, GL

Most Hapless Couple - Hayley/Mateo, AMC

Best Reunion - Jack/Christine, AMC

Exploring New Territory - Grant's testicular cancer, B&B

Best Murder with the Most Surprising Resolution - General Homicide Murders, PC

Best Beginning, Worst End - Jonny simply disappeared, B&B

Best Exit - Sheila, B&B; David, ATWT; Susan/Kristen, DAYS

Best Catfight - Katherine and Jill, Y&R

Will It Ever End? - Bo/Billie/Hope, DAYS

Worst Beginning, Best End - Camille, AMC; Mac's stolen life, GH

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That was agreat couple of episodes, but the one who really killed in my opinion was Lois Nettleton. Mrs Benson telling Tony a thing or two was great.

I was so happy he finally got a little story. I cared!!! It was totally out of character for Palmer to be hording nazi gold though. He actually fought a nazi a decade earlier on the show. But I was happy he had a story and was even more happy it was a story where he wasn't so nice. At the time I assumed this was going to be his swan song.

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Yeah I liked that story too -- not because it was in character, as it wasn't, but just because James Mitchell was such fun. I loved when he knocked Tad out with the metal briefcase. He and Jill also acted the stuffing out of their breakup scenes.

I thought that the stuff with Carly and Bobbie was a big letdown, one of many Guza anticlimaxes. Bobbie forgave Luke almost immediately, for no real reason. Bobbie then rarely if ever had any meaningful scenes with Carly. She would often just cluck at her and then take her side sometimes but they never actually talked about their relationship. Virginia was killed off for NO reason. Carly just went back to being obsessed with Jason. The whole thing was a waste.

Their last year together was not as popular. Robin basically lost all purpose in life other than being with Jason and raising his child. Jason gave up the mob to work at a bike shop. They had the same dull scenes over and over and were never going anywhere. Any special meaning the relationship had was taken away.

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These please :)

Most Bizarre Plot Device - Vivian's mood-altering tooth implant, DAYS

What a Waste - Peter's jungle madness, DAYS

Best Revenge - Kate frames Sami for Franco's murder, DAYS

Who Cares? - Nicole's past, DAYS

Worst Use of Popular Characters - DAYS

Best No-Brainer Decision by a Network - DAYS

Poetic Justice - Sami being used by Franco, DAYS

Best Murder Mystery With Best Resolution - The Killing Pool, DAYS

Will It Ever End? - Bo/Billie/Hope, DAYS

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Thanks for writing these up.

Billie and Roman were lovers on Days? I didnt think that happened till Julie Pinson was in the role

Whats the deal with those?

Erika Page? Really? I couldnt stand Roseanne

WTF? lol....I vageuly remember this. Oh I see it was written up above

Was that the attic one? If so IA.

Was that when he ahd a lookalike? I rememebr hating that story but dont remember what about its ending that made it so good

How ironic bc 10 years later and they were still going at it
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Yeah even in the writeup for the Taylor/Brooke/Ridge they basically said "for now."

The Mr. Murty twist was that Liz and Lucky assumed her English teacher, Mr. Murty, had raped her. She held him at knifepoint and demanded he confess to her rape. He felt awful for her but told her he wasn't near the park that night, he was with his boyfriend. His boyfriend then came home and confirmed this. Funnily enough, Patrick Fabian, who played Mr. Murty, had, around this same time, appeared in the first episode of Providence as Melina K's fiance, and she caught him in the shower with another man.

The Tad photo twist was at Brooke's trial for shooting Jim Thomasen. Tad took innocent photos of various Pine Valley children and with help from his old friend Alfred Vanderpoole, made it look like Jim had taken the photos. This helped convince the jury that Brooke was right.

SPW says that Erika has "exotic looks" is "subtle," and gets her point across with "facial expressions and that slow, smokey voice of hers."

Yeah it was the attic one.

It was revealed that Roman and Billie had both worked undercover for the ISA while they were both in Europe trying to get over Bo and Marlena. They had a secret mission together and then viewers saw them having sex.

The GH story was the Mac lookalike, yes. They said the best part of the end was that the story got Mac and Felicia back together.

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    • That's heartbreaking to hear. Julie had a tough life, but battled to become a national icon. She always had the utmost respect for Corrie and for its fans. I can't ever imagine Corrie without thinking of her. I hope she will be well taken care of.
    • It’s not as orangy today compared to yesterday but the air quality is still terrible.  I don’t ever remember this happening where I live. It sucks. 
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