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AMC Thursday 10/07/10

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Ugh! Can Marissa go away? She just let herself in the Chandler home making some excuse about AJ forgetting a toy


I can see why they recast. AM came across wimpy in these scenes. It looked like he was trying to cry but no tears came out. He wasnt as strong as he should have been


I LOVE Annie's running mascara. I like how the makeup team had her face done


Marissa is demanding to know whats going on and what AJ would have seen had he been there. Well he's not there bitch so STFU


JR: "Good bye Marissa" LMAO


Krystal: "I am just a hot mess" Her words, not mine!


Opal wants her to get a man



Erica's penthouse is FINALLY done. I love this set. It looks amazing



When Annie's life's a wreck, who comes to help her? Her new BFF, Amanda. I like it. After the way Jake acted like an ass, I wasnt sure if they would follow up with this

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Argh, the scenes between Annie and Scott should have been longer! I mean all this build up, and no explosive confrontation? I guess I can understand given Adam Mayfield's incapabilities as an actor.

I haven't made up my mind completely on Erica's new penthouse, but it is indeed pretty! It resembles Caleb's penthouse on Port Chuck a little, which doesn't surprise me considering JHC is the EP.

I'm so glad Annie had Amanda of all people to run to. I really like their friendship, and it only makes me miss the old Amanda, the one that had spitfire.

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I love how Annie was going on about what a whore she was, Amanda said "I had 3 potential fathers for Trevor". They fit as friends. I like it


She looks like the old Crazy Annie here.



LMAO, Krystal who? Opal completely forgot about her when she saw her real BFF and caused Krystal to spill some of her drink. Pretty funny moment


Chandler men vs Caleb

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I agree that AM's acting was off during that confrontation. Maybe that was the day he got fired? :ph34r: Not that Scott is supposed to be an Adam-like tyrant who knows how to really rip into people or anything, but he seemed to be playing the material from his head and not is heart. I'm not rooting for J.R. and Annie, but I did kind of enjoy seeing this mashed in Scott's face because it's always annoyed me how pressed he is for Annie and how he had the gall to tell Marissa in so many words that she had nothing on Annie (even if true) when Annie never wanted his narrow behind anyway.

And I found J.R.'s little shuffle/trot out of the room kind of hilarious.

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I think that an Annie/Amanda friendship could work. Amanda is not usually judgemental. She has a good idea of how Annie feels and is going through. Because she's done her share of bad things and has failed many times with men like Annie has.

And she knows what it's like to be looked down upon and people to think very ill of her. They've also never really done anything bad to each other, that's another reason why they could work as friends.

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I'm kind of on the fence too. I like the door, the staircase that reminds me of Linden, and that bowl of fire is the truth. But the decor is a little too pat and Pier 1 for me. Red is Erica's color though.

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I doubt it. BA found out she was fired in early august so I'm assuming it was the same for Scott since they have actually already recast Scott unlike Marissa.

AM is just so wrong for the role of Scott and today proved just how much. This episode was his time to shine and it just completely fizzled out.

I'm loving Amanda and Annie as friends. It's nice to see Amanda do other things than stroke Jake's unkept ego.

Erica's penthouse looked fab!

I second the request!

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